Crunchy Raw Pizza - Wholesome and Tasty (Vegan)

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Only a few weeks away from Bali and I already missed the abundance of affordable and super delicious raw vegan dishes. My green salad for dinner with all the great ingredients was tasty, but just couldn’t keep up to the crunchy raw pizza, flavorful pasta, lasagne and creamy soups I got used to on Bali, where we lived a few months this year.

So back in Germany visiting our families, we went through a little withdrawal and had to come up with our own creations to stay satisfied in this transition to more simple dinner meals again. 

And if you know a little about the raw cuisine, you might have heard about all those amazing dishes that often need a dehydrator to get as crisp and flavorful as we like it. But, I found a little trick to transform our oven in a dehydrator that I happily share with you.

The following recipe is for three small pizzas, with the size similar to that on the pictures.  

Crunchy pizza base

  • 1/3 cup flaxseeds 
  • 1/3 cup chia seeds 
  • 1/3 cup sunflower seeds 
  • 1 red bell pepper 

Creamy tomato sauce 

  • 4 tomatoes  
  • 3 tbsp dried tomatoes 
  • 2 dates 
  • Herbs and spices of your choice 

Colorful pizza toppings 

  • 1-2 bell peppers 
  • 4 champignons 
  • 1 red onion 
  • A few leaves wild basil  
  • 1 tbsp nutritional yeast
  • Italian herbs 
  1. For the dough, blend the pizza base ingredients with a hand mixer or a food processor. It should become a homogenous and creamy dough. 
  2. Spread the dough evenly onto a baking paper, in any shape you like. I myself prefer the pizza foundation to be very thin, which also reduces the time in the oven and saves some energy.  
  3. Put the baking paper onto a baking tray and into your oven at the lowest temperature, which is normally around 45-50°C so that the enzymes in the food still stay intact. You can put a wooden spoon into the oven door to increase the air flow inside and reduce the baking time. 
  4. The pizza base needs about 2-3 hours in the oven until it becomes firm and crunchy. Check its texture now and then, your version might need more or less time.  
  5. For the tomato sauce, blend all the ingredients mentioned above and add some Italian herbs or cayenne pepper if you want. Spread the sauce onto the pizza base, once you take it out of the oven.  
  6. As toppings chop up whatever you feel like and throw it onto your pizza. I like to add some nutritional yeast at the end, it has a cheese-like flavor that you don’t want to miss on your pizza creation. 
  7. At this point, some people like to put the pizza in the oven once again, so that the toppings get a cooked-like flavor. I prefer them crunchy and fresh in their rawest state. 

I know, this method of using your oven as dehydrator is not the most economical way of preparing food and I will definitely equip myself with a real dehydrator once I have settled somewhere. For now, I treat myself with such a dish on very rare occasions only. And to be most efficient, I make triple the amount of the recipe so that the whole oven is filled with pizza base, this way I can enjoy the deliciousness for several days in a row.  

Have you ever tried raw vegan pizza? I’d love to hear about your favorite toppings and I hope that this recipe inspires you to try your own raw pizza version!  

✨ This post is taking part in the wonderful Fruits and Veggies Monday competition from @lenasveganliving.


Have a wonderful day and a fruity journey ahead! 

Yours, Anais 

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oh how tasty your live pizza looks)))
I want it for breakfast now)))

Thank you, Inna! ☺️ With this creation, breakfast pizza is not even the worst idea, I couldn't imagine having an ordinary one for breakfast though - I'd then rather stick to my smoothie. 😁

smoothie well when you have warm weather)
and we already have snow and we want something satisfying)

I still munching my smoothie in winter - Germany is so cold for me right now, coming from SEA. 🙈 I just need a big scarf and a comfy hat to accompany my breakfast. 😄

That looks so colorful Anais! Definitely a great way to make it work even without having a dehydrator currently. You know I love to prep ahead of time anyway, so it's a great tip to make a few at time to preserve energy in the kitchen and your own energy preparing it. :) I haven't made my own raw pizza, I've just had some from a local raw vegan vendor at the farmers market a month or so ago that was delicious.

Thank you, Katie! ☺️ And the drying process surely gives them a longer shelf life, so perfect to prepare for future meals.

Wow, there is a raw vegan vendor at your market? I'd love that here in Germany, but unfortunately raw food is still pretty uncommon here. Well, it's time to change that. 😁

You are just amazing @rawadventuress. I love this raw pizza and am glad to know how to dehydrate without a dehydrator. The fresh crunchy veggies are waking up my appetite from here. Great entry my friend!

From start to finish how long would you say this recipe took you to prepare?

Thank you! 💚 It can be pretty simple, right? But nevertheless I dream of a small kitchen with a dehydrator instead of an oven and one day I will realize that idea. 😁

The dough was pretty easy to blend up, as well as the sauce - so no big job there. I once even couldn't wait much longer than 2 hours and the dough was already good to enjoy. So if you want to cut it short you are ready to eat in 20 minutes of preparation and 2 hours of oven time. 😉

I am just now toying with the idea of rawness and this recipe is a perfect introduction in to the endless possibilities.

Nice! Keep in mind that even a greater percentage of raw food is a win, no need to go all in right at the beginning. 😉

I also have this same dream but Im picking about having a good dehydrator and waiting for the moment I can afford it!

looks very delicious and thanks for the great tip!

My pleasure, have fun making your own colorful batch. 😉

This is definitely a recipe I must keep for later. I still didn't have the dehydrator, because I didn't move as I was planing. For now everything is on hold, so will see next year. Anyway, this pizza looks amazing and Anais, well done my Dear 🍒 🍌🍑🌿🍍🍓🍇
1 Collage.jpg

Thank you, Lena! Well, still dreaming of that dehydrator the two of us, right? Till then, this pizza will also do. 😁

Hopefully you come a bit closer to your dream next year, I might spend some more time in Bali to enjoy dehydrated stuff without any time in the kitchen. 🙈

Hello your pizza looks divine!!!im very intrigued by the base recipe i should give it a try:)

Thank you! ☺️ It is super simple and way more nutritious than the ordinary pizza recipes. 💚

Hi rawadventuress,

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Thank you, guys - I appreciate your efforts and support! 💚

I have never tried a raw pizza and i didn't know there was one. Your pizza is exceptionally delicious anais, i knew, as fresh is best. I soo love to try one if omly i could now. Well done!
Take care

Thank you, Sheryl! There are so many great raw food recipes out there which get their crunch and flavor from the dehydrating process - pizza is just one of many delicious wonders in that kind of cuisine.

Have fun exploring this one. 💚

The vegan pizza looks yummy and colourful and I love your cooking too

Thank you so much! 🙏🏻☺️

It's my pleasure

Have never thought that this type of pizza exist. Actually for me Pizza without stone oven bread is not pizza but as we know never say never. As a person I am very open to different type of cuisine and I love vegetables, many of them I enjoy as fresh salad I just cut them into chunky pieces, sometimes i even do not put any vinegar, just their original juices. Looking at the pictures, the Pizza really looks crunchy and I would probably try to use your recipe and see if my one would look like yours. From taste of view, I believe it mostly has the taste of the vegetables that used and there is no problem , I love them.

Thank you for stopping by, Stef! I totally get that, it is difficult to imagine our favorite recipes in such an unconventional way. And I assure you that this pizza does not taste like any pizza from your favorite Italian restaurant, but much more wholesome and natural. I myself love that about healthier foods, since fresh veggies have an amazing taste once you give them the space to show their flavors. You seem to resonate with that, so I bet you would like this creation. 😉

Thank you for such reply, it was just interesting to know your impressions once you tasted it. I definitely try to prepare such Pizza, I can imagine the faces of my men: hubby and son, as they both like salami and tuna or something like that on Pizza, typical Men :)

They might not even recognize it as real pizza, right? 😄 Well, you might want to throw some vegan cheese or meat alternative on there, in that case. 😉

I've never tried raw vegan pizza, but I could happily give this one a try! Looks really yummy Anais! 😋 However, even if that's a creative idea to use your oven as a dehydrator, I couldn't wait that long for my pizza base, haha. How quickly would a dehydrator do the same job? 🤔

Raw pizza is a bliss - not to miss out on. 😋 Well, you can always make the dough in advance and don't start preparing it once you get hungry, that would really test your patience. 😁 A dehydrator doesn't do the job quicker, but much more economically and the dough also ends up crunchier - I think a dehydrator even takes much longer, therefore you often make the dough over night to enjoy your pizza the next day when working with that gadget.

Oh, slow cooking it is then, haha. I think I've never even seen a dehydrator, but I'm sure it's a handy gadget for people who wish to eat raw. 😊

It looks similar to a small oven, but works magic making such delicious things out of simple seeds, nuts and fruits! ✨

Raw Pizza? this is the first time I read about Raw Pizza @rawadventuress, uhhmm.. I don't have oven or dehydrator, I used to make pizza only with my non-sticky pan that we usually call it teflon ( no... don't laugh!) I like how its look here, really want to try that one.

I am sure you can make any dish work even with your limited kitchen equipment, Cici! 😄

But it can be difficult to keep it raw, meaning below around 48°C if you don't have any idea how hot your pan is in every moment. 😉

At least you can make non-raw gluten-free pizza this way, it will still be super delicious, just with a few less enzymes in there to get to the next level of nutritious. 🌿

Thank you Anais @rawadventuress 😉 I always like pizza (maybe because the mozarellas) but many times I made my own pizza without any cheese on it.

Me too, even before going raw - if the veggies on top are fresh and delicious, no fatty cheese is needed. 😉

Anyway @rawadventuress.. I want to know something, when you were in Bali and tried some foods from the local vendors, did you ever get upset stomach? I mean .. you know.. get sick, threw up or going to the toilet often?

Because.. I heard that if you come from other part of the world and tried some SEA foods, you'll get sick because of the hygiene matters.

Good questions and you hear that a lot from travelers, but I didn't have any problems so far. Maybe because I pretty much only eat fruits and veggies and people might get that more often from eating local meat and dairy products. That is just an assumption from my side, my boyfriend also had no such issues, we eat the same way.

When I think about cooked food, I guess that many people are also not used to the higher level of spiciness and therefore get sick from the food.

not from traveler @rawadventures, I heard from my neighbour who are doctors and they relatives from Netherland or other part of Europe trying to eat any kind of ices and rice in Indonesia and they have upset stomach I guess. that's why I asked you about it.. I don't want anyone I know from Steemit trying to eat the food from street vendors get diarhea because of it later.

Thank you for sharing your experience ..

So far I have been lucky with that - but nevertheless I always have some charcoal tablets with me. 😄

When I look at these photos I think "children's party!" Transforming your oven to a dehydrator is a great idea @rawadventuress. Especially as not many people have the luxury of a dehydrator. I just made a dehydrator full of veggie chips, which I think we were chatting about recently? Such a yummy snack. Time to make pizza again....

So true, those colorful pizza dishes make a good meal for a children's party! 😁

Yummie, I think kale and sweet potato chips are my favorites! 💚

I've tried to use the oven as a dehydrator but I was feeling so sorry for the energy that I wasted so I understand that you don't find it economic too. Dehydrator and air fryer are on my list to Santa this year. I hope I was good enough :D

Are you back from Bali already? It must be difficult for you to adjust to the weather conditions as well. And yes, I can imagine that you're missing the food. But you resolved this issue brilliantly.

It's a great recipe that doesn't need that many ingredients and it's fresh and healthy. It does take a little bit of time to prepare when you don't have the dehydrator but it doesn't matter as you don't need to stand next to your oven :) It really looks delicious! And I love the colors :)

Thank you for sharing!

I totally get that - I'd only rather stick to my salads on a daily basis and treat myself with such a meal only on a few occasions. 😉 Santa must give in to such healthy wishes. 😄

Yes, we left Bali on short notice to visit our families in Germany, but will only stay here for one more week, then we stay in Kuala Lumpur over Christmas and New Year's. Don't let me get started about the weather, it dropped down to 8°C yesterday. ☃️ We are very lucky though, since the sun is shining most of the time and there is almost no rain in sight. And my parents where we are staying have a fireplace which is super comfy in the evenings. ✨

I always strive for a simple diet with easy-to-get ingredients and if the quality is great you don't need any fancy stuff to make it taste good. Any other approach is just not easily sustainable for most of the people.

Thank you for stopping by! 💚

Hi @rawadventuress, I have never heard of raw vegan pizza and your recipe looks very interestingly healthy. You really are very creative with vegan food and the pizza looks beautiful :) I can imagine toppings like mango, pineapples, oranges added to the veges. I think it probably works well with any type of salad :) You are giving us so many different ideas! :D

Thank you so much for your kind words! ☺️ There is for almost any cooked dish a raw counterpart, especially with the help of a dehydrator you can make some wonderful creations - just like lasagne, sandwiches, burger and alike. Bali definitely inspired me big time in regards to gourmet raw meals.

A fruity topping sounds exciting, I would prefer adding just one type for a slight fruity taste, like pineapple or mango. But you could also make the whole thing sweet if you like and use some nut butter as sauce and put a colorful mix of fruits on top. The base only has the savory bell pepper in there, which can easily be exchange with apple for example which has a similar texture.

Great idea! ✨

There is for almost any cooked dish a raw counterpart

Ah I have never thought of it that way. It does set the stage for many more imaginative and creative creations like yours doesn’t it? I have never seen a dehydrator before, but that is because I have never gone looking for it. I will now :)
Hmm that is right, we should just add 1 type of fruit, else it will be too sweet isn’t it? Unless we add a mixture of taste like tart berries with kiwi and sweet mangoes. Nice! Thank you @rawadventuress! 😘

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I am already excited for that one. I'd love to see a recipe from you that transforms this pizza into a sweet dish. 😁💚

Wow, that must be the healthiest pizza base EVER! I'd never have thought of using those ingredients. Looks great, thanks for sharing 😋

Thank you, Lisa! I certainly is loaded with nutritions and doesn't include any of the harmful stuff, so a great fit for anyone interested in a tasty way of living healthy. 💚

Vegan food has nothing to envy to "normal" dishes

People should be more motivated to include vegan recipes in their diets. It is not bad to eat vegetables. people just need to know how wonderfull dish they could make with some imagination or reading post like this.

Thanks for sharing one of the most colorful pizza recipes I've seen

Thank you so much! That is true, when it comes to plant based foods, the possibilities are endless and nobody has to settle for tasteless and boring nowadays. Veggies can be so incredibly delicious, they just need a chance to shine. ✨

Wow, never seen anything like that! Will try making the pizza base. Maybe it would be nice with some cauliflower in it also.
Thanks for the inspiration :)

That is a great idea, cauliflower it is for the next time! 😉

Thank you! 💚

Mmmmm looks delicious. I'd like to try this when I have the chance. Haha. I love pizza. I've never eaten vegan pizza like that but maybe one day I will. Haha.

I love eating seeds too. Didn't think of doing such to make a crunchy pizza. Thanks for the tip!

Wow, never tried a vegan pizza? Then it is about time. 😉 If you like a cheesy topping, you can make some great alternatives out of cashew nuts!

Mmmm, maybe I'd get to buy a vegan pizza someday. Hehe. Will see what I can get soon! :D

I bet you won’t taste the difference if it is a good one. 😁

Howdy from Texas rawadventuress! wow this pizza is nothing like I've ever seen but it also looks extremely tasty and I'm sure it is so great job! Did you create this recipe yourself?
By the way, the photos are all excellent too!

Thank you 🤗 I‘ve found the recipe for the pizza base online, but I adapted it with the ingredients available to me. The sauce and toppings were pretty intuitive. 😉

howdy again rawadventuress! well I think it was a brilliant dish and a wonderful post so keep up the good work!

Thank you! 🙏🏻☺️

That is one good looking pizza! It's so vibrant and full of healthy ingredients. Lately I have been obsessed with using my dehydrator. I'll have to try to pizza base. Thanks for sharing!

So awesome that you have a dehydrator - the possibilities seem just endless!

I am glad you like the recipe, let me know if you also like the taste as much. 😉

Looks delicious, literally drooling over here lol