Learn to Make Food Part 2 Rooster polo

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Rooster polo

Fixings: rice, one chicken (cut into four pieces), pistachio nut powder, potato, oil, ghee, onion, ginger, garlic, little cardamom, cinnamon, jayatri, nutmeg, cloves, betel nut, dried yogurt, drain, Greenpeace, white peppercorns, salt amount. Dry chillies, groundnut, ginger, garlic, fricasseed onions.

Method: To clean the chicken pieces completely cleaned, put 30 minutes on salt water. Expel from the salt water, it will be all around scratched. Onion, ginger, garlic glue, hot flavor powder, chicken with drain will have some an opportunity to cook. nashville_hot_chicken_wings_recipe.jpgSource

Put some time on the fire with flavors, flavors, ginger and nutmeg. It should be bubbled chicken meat. The rice must be bubbled into equal parts. On the off chance that the chicken is bubbled then the meat ought to be kept. Cooked bubbled water and bubbled water in bubbled rice ought to be cooked. In the event that it is done, leave chicken in it. It's been a chicken polo.