Learn to Make Food Part 5 Meat force

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Mouset Dum Biryani

Fixings: 1 kg of kidney hamburger cut into 2 inches pieces, basmati rice, 2 containers, ginger 4, garlic powder, some turmeric powder, 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder, 1 teaspoon of yellow powder, 4-5 onions, mint leaves and half glass , 2 spoons of hot flavors, coriander abandons around, 1 spoon of rose, 1 teaspoon of saffron, 5 teaspoons of olive oil.

Methodology: First, take half of the amount of ginger and garlic. The staying ginger will be cut. Blend well with ghee, ginger-garlic glue, stew, bean stew powder, yellow powder, salt, singed onions and hacked mint leaves together. The hot flavors will be packaged like a trunk. Keep this trunk in some heated water. Salt, rice and canow seeds will be assembled in the stove. Rice must be warmed until bubbled. 33% of the solidified onion and garlic ought to be spread. Half of the flavors, yellow powder and coriander leaves spread. Mint leaves ought to be given. Sprinkle a large portion of a tablespoon olive oil and a large portion of the measure of saffron will be splashed. With it, the water of rose water, flower petals and khaora ought to be given. Presently seal the flour with a top in the mouth of the dish. The vessel should initially warm five minutes in the fire. At that point bit by bit lessen the start. To keep 45 minutes in low fire. Dum Biryani has progressed toward becoming.