Jackfruit in Socal!!!

in #food4 years ago

About a year ago I searched and searched for this newly found fruit I discovered and had no luck finding a natural one. Only jackfruit I could find at the time was canned, sold at whole foods..


In Anaheim, CA at the intersection of Imperial hwy x 91 freeway we have a world market store called "Wholesome Choice" and what amazing things they have to offer such as blueberry bundles for .99cents!

Finally found jackfruit! Couldn't be happier!


jack-fruit is the national fruit in somewhere as far i know in Bangladesh.

nice post!


Have you tried ethnic grocery stores like :
Super King, Vallarta or H Mart? There's a Hawaiian Supermarket in Alhambra. I haven't been to it yet, but it's on my list to visit soon.

No i will check these out! Thanks!!

(This jackfruit comes in a can, but it's soaked in brine, instead of syrup. What city are you in or nearby, I can give you direct targets!