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Good moring steemians, I hope we all had a wonderful night rest, I will be teaching us how to prepare our common traditional dish in Nigeria which is the Bitterleaf Soup. It is majorly common in the eastern part of the country. Sit back and enjoy your meal….Thank you


Better leaf is a traditional and local dish which is well known among Nigerians. Betterleeaf is majorly common in the eastern part of Nigerian and it is called the (ofe onugbu).
This soup can be prepared in more than5 differents ways depending on who is cooking or how it is been prepared. A well cooked bitterleaf soup should not have the smallest taste of bitterness. You can work towards this by washing the bittterleaf properly.

Bitterleaf can be prepared using either
• Egusi(melon seeds)
• Ogbono
• Ede(cocoyam)
• Achi
• Ofor


Ingredients used in preparing bitterleaf.
• Bitterleaf (washed and squeezed)
• Cocyam
• Stock fish
• Ogiri (which is optional)
• Meat (any beef of your choice)
• Palm oil
• Salt
• Pepper
• Cray fish
• Assorted fish

Note on the ingredients
• You can use cocoyam flour in replace of cocoyam corms if not available
• It not a must you use ogiri, it just gives the bitterleaf a traditional like taste.
• Wash the leaf so it very soft before use.

Healthy Benefits Of The Bitterleaf Soup
Bitterleaf soup, as the nae implies is rich in vitamin A, C, E, B1 and B2. This vegetable is highly nutritious and nourishes the body greatly

This vegetable reduces the blood sugar content of the body
It cures fever and
It helps in reducing weight (increase metabolism)
It helps in increasing breast milk for nursing mother
Its cures every skin rashes like(ring worms, eczema e.t.c)
It also help in curing pile
Before you cook bitterleaf soup
• Wash the bitterleaf so that there is no slight of bitterness in it.
• Boil and wash the bitterleaf for 15 minutes.
• Wash the cocyam and cook till it gets soft
• Remove all the peels of the cocyam and pound it till its gets very soft.


Cooking direction
• Boil and cook the cow tripe(shaki) and other assorted fish(dry fish and stock fish)
• Ad the beef into the cow tripe(shaki), after washing and leave to cook for about 5 minutes
• Add salt to give it taste and leave the cocoyam to dissolve properly.

You bitter leaf is ready to be serve and it can be serve with any of this
• Semolina
• Fufu
• Amala
• Cassava
• Garri(eba)
• Pounded yam

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