I had made delicious and healthy Anabas testudineus fish curry recipe with borboti and potatoes

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I had made delicious and healthy Anabas testudineus fish curry recipe with borboti and potatoes






Anabas testudineus fish
Water (like needed)
Green chilli 6 pieces
Tumeric Powder
Red chilli 7 pieces
Garlic one piece paste
Cumin paste
Black cumin
Onion 2 pieces
Onion paste
Mustard oil

Actually My father caught Anabas testudineus fish from our paddy field . I had cultivated borboti in my own house . I had made anabas testudineus fish recipe with potatoes and borboti vegetables .


At first I had cleaned Anabas testudineus fish After that I had washed fish with water . After sometimes I had cut fish and vegetables. I cleaned Borboti vegetable and potatoes and washed this vegetable .Finally I had taken preparation for making this recipe.


When Water is hot in Pan, I leave Mixing Anabas tedunieus fish in the pan. Thus I will fry Kai fish . After frying I had picked kai fish from pan.After a while I provide potatoes and borboti vegetables in pan and frying ..After roasting vegetables ,I had admixed some water like needed . Sometimes I had boiled curry . Now I will admix Anabas fish .On the whole I take down the whole curry . After that I had blended some materials with hot oil.Such as Onion ,Garlic ,Tumeric Powder ,Red chilli powder, Cumin powder Onion paste, Garam masala powder etc.
On the whole I take down the whole curry .


Finally I leave mingle hot oil in the pan. I bloom full curry . In such way I made kai fish curry . After cooking My family had eaten this recipe . Really It was delicious food. You can try this recipe .Infact it is homemade and easy recipe

Anabas testudineus fish has many nutritional value . It has many heathy beneficial profit for our body . Anabas testudineus fish are high protein . It has no harmful fats. Testudineus fish contain Omega three fatty acids , Vitamin A and Vitamin D which keep us away from multiple complex disease .


Anabas Testudineus fish protects against many diseases. It prevents us heart disease and control cholesterol . Anabas testudineus fish increase our brain power and eyesight. Anabas testudineus fish contains a lot of Omega three fatty acids , these omega three fatty acids play a special role in improving the overal vision by increasing the performence of the retina .Anabas testudineus fish helps to cure joint pain and easily digestible meat. Kai fish contain many essential nutrients , including Iodine , selenium , Zinc and Potassium . It will help us to control the diabetes .

It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin C, Calcium and Antioxidants. It protects us against Gastric . It helps to purify our blood. It reduces Cholesterol and Blood Sugar. It helps to cure against flu disease . It contains vitamins A and C and antioxidants are beneficial for the skin. Root vegetable prevents age spots by preventing the spread of free radicals. The importance of benefial Root vegetable is endless . It removes against skin disease.

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