Food in Saturday Night with My Highschool Alumni

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I met my friends in Saturday. I have met them for a long time in my life. We entered into highschool 40 years ago. It means that they are for 40 year long friends.

I didn't have any plan to meet them at first. But suddenly I'd like to meet my high school alumni.
So I called to one of my friends who is traditional medical doctor. He is my contact point.
He have never refused my invitation to meet. I have moved to here and there following my job frequently.
He have stayed in same place as a doctor.

He was a port, I was a ship.

He reported to his wife for meeting me, and got permission. Now This Saturday was our own.
As soon as got permission, we walked to restaurant for lunch, there we ordered lamb.
My friend doctor is a lover of the beer.

As below, lamb was roasted in this machine.

With This small metal stick rolling, lamb became cooked.
It smells good.

Below is the condiments for lamb.

It was very spicy. I like spicy taste.

We were talking on usual theme of our children.

I called to another friend. He joined with us. Even though he was outside of Seoul, he flied to us.
While waiting for his arriving, we 2 friends were enjoying walking along the Seoul Steet.
The street of the weekend in Seoul was splendid. There were many people in the Street.

Finally, our last friend arrived at the restaurant.
The restaurant was located in back alley of Seoul City.
It was a very old restaurant. They are selling beef. It was well known for its cheap price and delicious taste

As soon as sitting the table, they prepared like this

We ordered beef sashimi. The beef sashimi of this restaurant was unique compare to others.

The beef sashimi tasted good. We satisfied with that. On more dishes needed to drink SoJu.

They put white paper on the metal plate to cook the meet.

It was fine.

The best thing in our life seemed to have a food with close friends.

We were talking and drinking at Saturday late at midnight.
Each three had it's problems and burdens in their shoulder which the life brought us.

Yesterday we could forget that burdens and get back to the college year


time is the longest distance between two places, @slowwalker.

Forty years amounts to two life sentences--you in your profession and your doctor friend in his separate surgery.

You are the gypsy of your group, my friend. I like your metaphor comparing you to the boat and your friend as the port.

But though you all live apart, your friendship draws you together again.

I am glad your third friend flew to Seoul to join you. Spontaneity is the spice of life.

It always a pleasure to enjoy food and drinks with good friends, and enjoy it while you can, my friend. Life is full of uncertainties, but sometimes it grants us a memorable Saturday night.

Oh man those pictures have me drooling! My wife and I always go for korean bbq whenever we have cause to celebrate or just want to be happy. It never fails to satisfy any craving we may be having.

Seems you guys had a blast. Keep rocking!

Enjoying good food with school friends is really awesome. This type of meat cooking is very delicious and tasty. Thanks for sharing your enjoyable experience with us :)

Oo looks very appetite :P

thx for sharing

thx for sharing

This is amazing @slowwalker, my mouth watering already, Just like Suya in my Country so spicy. Thanks for sharing this!

John : David why do you take bath in milk?

David: Because i failed to find a cow tall enough for a shower.😂😂😂😂

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wow its look like you enjoy a lot

please up vote back thank you so much

that looks really tasty! what is the "beef sashimi" made of?

it must be a nice meeting @slowwalker , eating sate lamb while remembering a funny past story

@slowwalker, very nice and interesting with full of love meeting with your close friends, you enjoyed well and eating different dishes specially my favourite lamb which is mouthwatering after seeing pictures,you also shared to each other the memories of school and college life.

Oh man @slowwalker you have me practically drooling 🤤 haha my god it looks delicious .. uhh that lamb looks unreal! I bet you enjoyed that so much brother. I too am a fan of spicy foods :) looks too good! Happy for you and your friends . It's really cool to bump into old friends and experience great memories ! Enjoy your day my friend and stay amazing !

good posting!!

the food is so delicious while enjoying with old friends, but the important thing is to maintain friendship..., great post

Umm.. the food looks yummy!! I guess you had a great time eating all those dishes. Always stay foodie sentiments 😊

Is any of that Ewok meat?

I sent a transmission that might interest you.

It`s nice story and nice @slowwalker. I feel like your lunch with lamb.

Everything looks yummy !
Mouth watering my friend !!

Beef... always upvote beef...

looks like old friends get together worked out well.
Great Post with lovely photos.
hope you guys had a awesome time.

Awww I love korea and korean food so much
Looks yummy 😁and I love Charcoal machine too
Please take care your helth and drinking 🍀
Hehe I loove food and drinking 😁✋
I followed you and upvote

육회의 양이 정말 푸짐하네요~
역시 좋은 안주에는 꼭 소주가 필요한법이죠~ ^^

It was such a great day to taste many kinds of meat :) I totally agree that sentence(The best thing in our life seemed to have a food with close friends). I miss my close friends haha.

Wow this looks very good. I'm glad that you had a good time

Food and Friends

I like your story and love your dinner. I crave for lamb skewer🤤🤤

@slowwalker The beef sashimi looks tasted good. nice post my friend..

Hoping your visit on my page and check my post too..thank for sharing the food trip you have..have a nice day..i have poem article, hope you love it



i give you my support and upvote

Old friends and good food! What a combination

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You made me hungry

Was this a korean bbq? I really miss going to korean bbq's, they give you the best value for money!

The food looks so good! 😄 Would love to try the roasted lamb.

I like spice food! It looks so delicious~thank u for sharing :D

Always a good idea to catch up! I like to see my alumni friends, too! Thanks for the big support. I hope we can stay in touch!

This looks amazing! If I were there there'd be no meat for anyone else. 😄

Everything looks very tasty!

The food looks delicious! It sounds like you had a great time with your college friends, it's always great to just sit together and tell the others stories about your life and what changed :)

good post....thanks for share...

Can you help me

Ooooh boy ! A hate you 😁 U make me soo hungry right now! This looks delicious!!!!!

I agree about best thing in our life, food and friends :)) Everything looks so delicious! :)

good to see your posts

Nice plating... very existing. I loved the presentation and got many ideas. Great and worth it!!!

Re-establishing ties and friendship is one important factor in life. I stay away from my friends but still communicate via the phone. I hope to see them soon when they visit for my graduation. I know it would take lots of sacrifices for them to be there but what is friendship without making sacrifices? I am happy you were able to reconnect with friends and share memories. The food looks amazing. I tried Thai food last year on my birthday when my Thai friend took me out for lunch to celebrate with me. I must say I really enjoyed it being a Nigerian who loves spicy foods.

omg you guys eating the meat befor it get cooked??

that roasted lamb looks good man! I was never a lamb guy before until my girlfriend introduced me to it! It actually tastes great! Nice blog man! :)

which place it is man i ma coming to join uuu

foods that are very beneficial for health for the body.

Hello, friend)))) I'm sure that you spent a great time))) Lamb looks very tasty))) I would not refuse to try all the dishes that you showed))) Thanks for the wonderful post))) He is warm and cheerful ))) I wish you happiness)))

Oh! how nice it is. I am remembering my good old days..those were the golden days of our life...we need these break sometimes for refreshment.. enjoy....
Upvoting you...

A lot of food, must be very delicious race.
Good post !

Your food posts always make me hungry. Hope life has been treating you well. Happy to hear you got some time with friends.


nice, may i joint to eat to ? :D :D

Yummmi delicious..
makes me hungry.

It's really great to meet such old friends man! Lovely memories!
I love the amazing array of food you have there my friend! Wow the beef looks so yummy and fresh!
I just love food, well I think you know that!Lol!

Looks Yummy! Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Very nice sharing your photos in food please more and you thank you

thanks for the information. what your news is useful for us all ..

Wow Very Nice and Good Post

Bon Apetit ! It seems delicious :)

I love barbecue specialties

You should put this in nsfw because this is food porn. Love it, made me hungry tho.

The school nostalgia is an unforgettable memory.

i Like This Post

Wow .Come on mane it's make me hungry and your story was totally amazing .I'm waiting for your next article.

How nice @slowwalker to meet good old friends! Random meetings do not happen!

Now my friend, it is important to meet with good old acquaintances. And whatever it is, a good beer. I did everything right..... 🍻🤠👍

I agree, the best food, it's food with friends.

Delicious food. Great reunion

Wow it looks so awesome and delicious @slowwalker and what a great way to share with old friends !! Loved your story thanks so much for sharing it with us !! Upped and resteemed into my food blog @momskitchen !😋✌❤💞💕👍

Wow; 40 years is a long time. How nice of you to organize for an alumni meet up with some roast beef. Hope you enjoyed the company and had fun.

I really love your story. Very creative of you, we are coming to your level very soon

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