The Late Breakfast in 4th Day in Chejoo island

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As soon as we got up in the morning, we drove into the restaurant where we ate dinner yesterday.

It was 08:30 in the morning. We were tired. So we got up lately. It was late breakfast, but I didn't like to skip the meal the sea women prepared for.

There was not a person in the restaurant when we entered into.

I ordered an abalone porridge and sea vegetable soup with sea urchin egg.


Actually only these 2 menu were possible at that time.
The abalone porridge was not a special one I could take a taste only in CheJoo island. But we could enjoy and feel something special conditions here in this restaurant run by sea women.

The abalone porridge was nice. Especially the abalone was very fresh. The color of the abalone porridge was green, it's because the guts of the abalone was included in the porridge. Outside of CheJoo island, it was white color because they not used the guts into the abalone porridge. It means that the abalone here is fresh.


The sea vegetable soup with the sea urchin egg was also very taste. But the sea urchin seemed not to fresh. The sea urchin seemed to be caught the day before.
The color of the egg was not so clear, but taste was not bad.



We, son and I, ate it up clearly. Mission completed.

Side dish was also excellent.


As coming out of the restaurant, I could remember taste of this meal we had taken yesterday dinner and breakfast of today.

Enjoying local food was the one of the best pleasures in traveling.


Looks delicious! I would love to visit Korea one day and sample such foods.

The food looks delicious!

All this amazing food looks delicious, especially. Would love to try these for sure. Great post once again :-)

Korean food is soooooo delicious! I love to try different foods; check out this video post about some freaky ice cream

follow me=)

I have the impression that it was tasty ... you did not leave anything on the plate !! heheheh

Looks so good! I love Korean food!! I just followed you and upvote your post :).

wow.... nice food. i like this and upvoted.

It's look like not tasty :D

good food....

nice food , good journey , happy life , really fun !

i like your blogs
This food looks delicious

hey nice blog can support me

So to put in one word you had a Foodgasm :)

I agree. Enjoying local foods give us great pleasures!

wow this is awesome, is it korean food? right. I hmm the abalon porridge doesn't look good but I wonder what it taste like.. I should try that.. i know sea urchin can be eatin too but I also don't know the taste haha..

Delicious .. cool man

wow amazing post, i'm very hungry when looking on your post and feeling more hungry, upvote you to.

Local food are always the best my friend! Great to see that you completed the you said...Mission completed!

you finish your food with a delicious and delicious food

The breakfast menu was very tasty and delicious of course, proved to be all empty plates.

Yummmy, Looks very tasty
Thank you for sharing @slowwalker

Wow. Looks interesting. I guess Korean cuisine ha a lot of sea food as well. Didn't know that, for me it was more meat based with a lot of Kimchi.

Have you tried raw abalone? It's kind of a very special Sashimi treat here in Japan

Oh my God. it should be delicious break first package in late morning. have fun all of you guys and I love your menus there are lot of combination. I can feel completely delicious taste. mmm...

Nice to see the food of that resturant of the Chejoo Island. It's always exciting to taste the food of different regions.. You are the lucky one..enjoy it...


Seems like healthy dish, and health is most important while traveling

Hay my firend it's great to see all the dishes and you joy it .

This is similar to Catalan cooking

Amazing fraind....

looks yummy...thanks for sharing

various kinds of food is very delicious, I agree with you

Lot of different foods

What delightful food to feast on. I have been curious about the urchin' egg for the longest time.

delicious breakfast and very fresh food ... you will always miss the cuisine on chejoo island..., good post @slowwalker

I must try this :)

Wow lucky you! Super healthy and delicious. Thank you for sharing :)

Your posts always make me yearn to see Korea! Glad to see the trip is going well! xx

look yummy yumm

Boss you can eat for Africa only you eat all this you didn't invite me

That is delicious @slowwalker
I would love to try those special soft foods because I cannot eat much hard foods as well.

Well done you to ate all that food !!! Looks great xxx

wow¡ delicious recipe, nice photos. I invite to visit my blog. Good luck.

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멋진 여행을 하고 계시네요.
살짝 부럽습니다.^^

become hungry

I like the photo where plates are empty. It looks good)) It's my first time when I see that someone makes photos of empty plates, but not the full ones. :)

Looks delicious Wow... thank you for sharing

Big breakfast. Look good though. Hungry again hehe ;) And I agree.. travel is so good to get to know local, new food!

It's real hard at time's to be at time's. I bet there's times she wants to go somewhere far away to be left alone to regroup her self. To just have time to her self.

I don't need a sooth sayer to tell me you're really enjoying life at chejoo. What an adventure. I have been following you from day 1

This is real breakfast :-)!

Healthy looking breakfast. Enjoy 😉

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