The process of making tofu

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Hello steemit friends, do you know, the tofu we eat everyday is made of what, and how the hell is the process .... this time I will give a little information from a tofu owner named kamari. He is the founder of a tofu factory located in rantauselamat village, a nagan raya district. The tofu he made is made of clean soybeans and high quality, because it will affect the taste of the tofu. Many things needed to make tofu, ranging from enough water, firewood to boil, grinding mesh for soybeans, knives to cut tofu, cloth for printing and to filter the pulp and juice. First soybeans in milled with a machine mixed with ari, then boiled until boiling, when it has been boiled filtered with a filter, to separate the juice with the dregs, the influence of this flavor is influenced when doing the dough saris that have been separated with the dregs in Stir evenly with the excise made from soybeans, this dough needs patience and thoroughness because it will affect the shape and taste. The excise is also made from soybeans, which in the milled and boiled until it is made like excise duty. When finished in the stir, tofu that has started round berbenuk in print on the table mold, it takes 15-20 minutes to wait solid-shaped tofu. After finished in print, tofu cut as needed, and ready to sell. Although the place is simple, there is no effect from the taste of the tofu. Well it's a glimpse of how the process of making tofu. may be useful .

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