I Laughed Way Too Hard at This

in #food3 years ago

Worse... I laughed at my own joke.

First, got to state up-front: I did not vote for him. I'm a Libertarian.

With that little disclaimer out of the way...

So, my son's girlfriend and I went out for dinner at a new place in town.

Everything was going just fine until my salad arrived.


It looked delicious!



I despise them. To me, they taste like sweaty feet. Well, what I'd imagine sweaty feet to taste like, anyway.

In fact, I used to jokingly pay my kids a dollar each to eat an olive each - on a dare.

They won't even do it for $5.

The worst part about olives is that...

Anything they touch BECOMES an olive. One cannot simply "pick the olives out" of the dish. They just seem to undergo this metamorphosis of sorts in which they become ONE WITH the good food.



I built a wall, and made the olives pay for it!

(Insert maniacal, snorting laughter here... I did.)

Of course, afterward, when we stopped at the grocery store, what was the first thing I saw?


ALL the olives!

= = =
And because I can't help but keep telling my little joke over and over, I'm posting this to my new site, VestedBeauty.com

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