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RE: Bina's Yeast Rolls (with recipe)

in #food3 years ago

Thank you for sharing such personal recipe. I can understand what you mean with that your mother did not have written recipes but knew them by heart, it is sometimes that people when they do cook or bake for long time they still improving or adjusting them all time and even every time it is a bit different. I do bake different type of bread products of course as desert at home and looking at yours that reminded me the one I know, from being very close to Russian cuisine, it is called bagel, but they look identical :)


I am one who needs my written recipes. If I copy one to use I will scribble notes all over it. Otherwise I will forget and probably leave out something important!

I think the difference for bagels - and pretzels - is that they are boiled in water at some point? I haven't made either so I'm not sure. Hmm, now I want a bagel!