Homemade risotto with shrimps, white wine and basil

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A hearty Italian dish with a delicate creamy texture and pleasant lemon sourness. Lovers of seafood will surely like it.


Cooking time 35 minutes


  • Butter 2 tbsp. spoons
  • Peeled shrimp 500 g
  • Bow 1 piece
  • Garlic 4 cloves
  • Arborio rice 200 g
  • Dry white wine 240 ml
  • Vegetable broth 500 ml
  • Salt ½ teaspoon
  • Ground black pepper 1 tsp
  • Lemon 1 piece
  • Cream 2 tbsp. spoons
  • Basil leaves 18 pieces
  • Parmesan taste


One. Melt butter in a saucepan or deep skillet over medium heat.

2 ․ Fry the shrimp in one layer for about 3 minutes.

3 ․ Cool the shrimp. Large ones can be cut into pieces.

four. In the same bowl, fry the chopped onion and garlic until the onion becomes transparent.

five. Reduce heat to low. Place dry rice in a saucepan and fry for a couple of minutes, stirring constantly.

6 ․ Pour in the wine and stir gently so that all the rice absorbs the liquid.

7 ․ After that, pour in small portions (about a ladle) of the hot broth, stirring constantly and each time waiting for the rice to absorb it.

  1. Add salt and pepper along with the last serving of broth.

Bon Appetit!


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