🐟 Show the FISH DISH that comes from your country and WIN STEEM! [FOODspedition #7]

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They are healthy, delicious and we can find them in almost every local cuisine. Fishes! They will be the stars of this round of the FOODspedition! The prize pool in this round is 6 STEEM!

How to take part in the FOODspedition?

➡ In the comment show me a picture of the fish dish that comes from your country.
➡ Write its name and describe it briefly.
➡ In the comment, add also its estimated value in your currency, US dollars and STEEM.

What you can win?

From your comments I will choose and award three, in my opinion, the most interesting entries, and the authors will receive prizes! In the prize pool of that round we have 6 STEEM!

How to make an entry?

I will show you this on the example of one of the freshest fish dish I ever ate!

Name: Steamed Tilapia in spicy sauce
Country: Malaysia
Price: 32 RM / 8.00$ / 10.00 STEEM

Info: The fish is steamed in one piece, which makes the meat tender, juicy and it simply melts in the mouth! I tried tilapia before, but I never had the opportunity to eat it that fresh and beautifully served! It was so fresh that I chose the one that landed on our plate. 😎

The colourful chilli and ginger sauce takes the whole dish to the next level! It is spicy, clean, refreshing and fits perfectly to the taste of the fish. I can say it for sure - that was the best fish I had on the plate. Something wonderful!

And now it's time for your entry!
Show the soup that comes from your country in the comment!

Good luck & have fun!

If you love good food, like me, resteem this post! Thanks to this we will see more delicious food from all over the world. 🌏

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Name: Snoek Braai

Country: South Africa

Price: R100 / 6.82$ / 5.25 STEEM

Snoek braai is a traditional South African favourite. Snoek is a type of deep sea fush we get locally and braai is the South African word for barbaque. The fish is coated in fresh herbs and garlic butter with a hint of apricot jam. And is grilled on the fire for no more than 15 minutes!! Served with salads, and garlic bread!! It's always a hit for any braai get together!

And that's what I call a solid piece of fish! It looks great!

Thank you for your entry @mimismartypants!

And it tastes great!! You haven't lived till you've tried it!!

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NAME: Black rice with sepia roasted with rosemary
COUNTRY: Venezuela.
PRICE: 2.000 Bs. / 10 $ / 12,20 Steem

Info: This is a delicious dish typical of the region of the east coast of Venezuela. For us it is an extraordinary lunch, full of flavor and nutrients.
Heat the broth and add the squid ink, mix well and reserve hot.
In a hot pot sauté the onion, once the onion is crystallized add the garlic and the rice, without stopping to move.
Pour the white wine and let evaporate a little. Add 3 tz. of the broth with squid ink. And season with salt. Let cook over high heat.
When the rice reaches the boiling point, lower it to medium heat. Let the broth reduce almost completely, if it still feels very raw the rice add a little more broth. Add the sweet pepper, cover and let cook over a very slow fire for 5 more minutes. Reserve.

@fjmb86 I love the idea of using the squid ink! Thanks to it, the dish looks much more interesting than ordinary rice. 👌

If you find a moment, add the value of this dish in convert to STEEM.

Thank you very much for the comment and the suggestion. I already added the value in Steem to today's price.

@the.foodini, you naughty boy! ;)

Nice try Vege Ninja, nice try! 😉

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"Guaraguara in coco" [Venezuela]

All my family is native to a coastal region of the country, so I am used to eating sea fish, I do not like freshwater fish much, but the coconut guaraguara is one of my favorite dishes.

The guaraguara is a freshwater fish found in certain regions of the country, it is prepared in different ways but the one I like most is cooked with coconut.

You should wash the fish very well, then in a pot you can simmer some vegetables such as onion, cilantro and paprika with condiments such as oregano and pepper. After the vegetables are well cooked, add the fish, grated coconut and fresh coconut milk, cook well and leave enough sauce.

Name: Guaraguara en coco
Country: Venezuela
Price: 1.500 BsS/ 7.5$ / 6.7 STEEM

I love fish dishes and I want to partecipate!

Italian name:
Spaghetti allo scoglio
English name:
Spaghetti with Sea food

10.00€/11.39$/14.24 Steem
This is a tipical dish in cities near the sea in Italy.
Spaghetti are a kind of Italian pasta and here they are with tomatos and many mussels, shrimps and squids. It is important that sea-foods are fished just 1 or 2 days before, to keep them fresh.
These spaghetti are home-made and they are squared. They usually are cooked in 3-4 minutes in boiling water and then finished to cook with tomatos and sea-foods. In this way the sauce is good and it creates a good mix with pasta.
I ate this dish in Lampedusa this summer and it was tasty.🍝
There was also a flower🌼

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