Mango and Anatomy of Grossness

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Today I will be talking about the mango. 🍋 It's a normal fruit.... That's what you're thinking right now, I know. But I'm a controversial person😎 sadly so you'd best stick around and see what I have to say.

Have you ever tried eating a mango in front of a mirror? 🙅

I know you haven't. Neither have I but I can assure you it's not a pretty picture. 😒😒😒

The mangoes where I come from, I'll assume they are the same as the ones you know. One of its annoying characteristics is that you can't eat it without getting messy. #fact☝. It literally gets all over your mouth,💋 on both hands, 10 fingers 👐included and my worst nightmare is the aftermath... It Sticks in your teeth.😬😬

Now this shouldn't normally bother me because I have fairly spaced teeth😉 and I only ever have few episodes in a year of meat or whatever else getting stuck. Can I say the same for mango? Capital NO. It makes sure to get between every single pair of teeth (and the grammar is probably incorrect but I don't know how else to put it to make you understand my predicament😨). I know, I know.... Disgusting right? But it is what it is. 😩

I can firmly say that I've tried every way I know to eat mango in a coded way😵. Peeling of the bark, not peeling of the bark, sucking it like my dad does, cutting it up like my mum does, etc. Nothing ever works. Same result every time. I finally decided to give up on them and stick to the simpler things in life like bananas, apples, oranges, and the like. 🍌🍎🍅

Well to cut the story short, I saw some mangoes in my house today and decided to have one. In all my decision making, I absolutely forgot👀 the reason I waived them off for over a year now. As you can well guess, I had to pay for it the hard way. And pay I did. 😢

And that is the end of my story😁😁😁😁

In other not to sound totally strange, lemme give some tips about mango😉

Health Benefits of mango

Lol. No vex sha. Click link to know more.

Different ways to enjoy mango...the fruit😜

• Eat it as it is. Good luck with that.
• Make fresh mango Juice.
• Dice it into a salad.
• Etc. Go research more fun ways on Google. 😅😅😅

PS. Sorry the post today had to be so gross but I thought you should know that as I'm writing this, I'm still taking intervals to pick strands out of my teeth, wash my hand then continue my typing.

Thanks for reading mango and Anatomy of grossness. Much love people. Have a good day or night. 😘😘😘

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