Real Pizza (Italy)

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I wanted to upload photos of the real italian pizza since I travelled a lot around the world and realized that there is a lot of misconception and biias created by all the Fake italian restaurant in the world. This is how a real pizza should look like. It is giant, it is soft and high, it is full of real mozzarella chese and tomato. Please be aware that all the pizzas different from this one is fake. Our only alternative is called Marinara, which is exacly like this but instead of having mozzarella cheese it has origan spice. As soon as i take one, I'll upload also the only alternative. Enjoy and come to italy :)


This is heavy. The ones I see are often flat

Oh no, they should not be flat.....they are heavy and very .....but not really heavy ti digest........if you cant sleep After eating pizza It Means that It Is not really good ;)

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Ones here aren’t big

It looks delivious😘😘
Send me here, plese😜!

good to see and may be delicious to...

This is so tasty!❤️

look yummy!!!! i love pizza

When I went there I loved there pizza and french fries

Resteemed your posting sir

Looks really tasty.

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Very delicus.. i like

looks very delicious.

"soft and high", does this mean it is actually thick crust?

Philip and Rene

Dunno what you mean....well It Is thick yes.......but It Is definitely not crunchy even if It looks like :)

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Italian pizza can also vary by region. The pizza you eat in Rome will be different than the pizza you eat in Naples.

Well It Is not really true.....this is the original One....than everyone can make his own pizza.....rome s pizza Is tasty Indeed but It does not follow the traditions......someone likes romes pizza more than napoli s One.....but...It doesent matter......I posted this photo since a lot of foreign people are being fooled by fake italian they at least know Better how a pizza should look like ;)

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