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RE: A Jar of Nutella

in #food3 years ago

For me its Nutella too, but for different reasons. I love it so much and if I have it in the house, I am constantly going and have spoonfuls, its so addictive. So I don't buy it because I know I have no self control.🐷


Hahaha! It is good indeed! I haven't had spoonfuls of it myself yet (only when I was a kid), but my husband has haha it funny!

Yeah both Nutella and peanut butter have a bad habit of getting in my mouth. I have to avoid!

If you buy plain peanut butter, the kind that doesn't even have salt and separates it is less likely to get consumed because you have to stir it and at least salt it to enjoy. You're going end up either working for it or skipping :D

Excellent tip. I had never looked at it from that point of view before.

Thanks! I even had to give a brand new jar of peanut butter away to a friend because it was approaching expiration date, but nobody ate it for that very reason above :D