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in #food6 months ago


The discount webhost I was using broke my photo site. The site was on a server that was several decades old. Anyway, I moved the site to a fancy SSD server and am gradually fixing the pages and can start publishing images again.

I've been writing articles about this programming task on a different blog.

As for the picture. I am living with a person who was worried that the pandemic would make quality food scarce. So, at the beginning of the pandemic I decided to buy a big bottle of olive oil at a warehouse store. I've been secretly refilling small bottles from the big bottle ever since.

There is a franchise system for stores that refill bottles of olive oil. The local store charges $15 to refill a little bottle!

Anyway, now that my webserver is back online, I might start regular posts again. Now that we are getting TRX with our STEEM I might be able to afford the fancy stuff next year.