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Hello fellow Steemians! Hope you are all having a great time . . Today I wanted to share this Filipino cold dessert, We call it here ISKRAMBOL , or icecramble , it's made of shaved ice with evaporated milk and sugar plus! Differrnt toppings powdered milk , marshmallows , colored sprinkles , choco syrup .


This one we have also has a choco stick or stik-o . it's very delish for sweet tooth , and also refreshing since it's cold. Normally you can buy it from ₱5 to ₱10 only . Some may want more for higher cost of course.


The minis girls enjoyed it as well as myself , we've been waiting for ice cream vendor but he was absent today ,so we had iskrambol instead.


much love,


Lecker! 🤤

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Looks very delicious @zephalexia.


Hala! Ang sarap, paborito ko to nung bata pa ako. I actually had a cup of this worth 20php last Sunday after our Mt. Ayngat hike.😍

Yummy and resteemed :-)


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Wow nice food thank you for shere

Yummy for children, for us iwas na lang...

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