No Two Ever the Same - The Art of Salad at the @gardenofeden

in #foodielast year

Everyday I treat myself to one of these:


Everyday it's a different, unique creation bursting with flavor and freshness.


It doesn't matter what ingredients, or how many we use, the perfect flavors come together every time.


Of course we make our own dressings too, as well as kimchi, vinegars, infused oils, herbal blends and cheeses.


We also grow a lot of our own ingredients in sustainable fashion that makes every bite a crispy, and densely nutritious one.


Salad is one of my favorite blessings at the @gardenofeden. I can have as much as I want, whenever I want, share it with whomever I want, use any ingredients I want, which forever expands the creative process of salad art.


I'm truly grateful for health on a plate, and for the ever-changing mouthgasmic bites I'll likely never have again.

Shellie aka @everlove 💞

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