Savory Waffles--Yummy No Grain Keto-Style Deliciousness!!

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Who knew that waffles could be so full of flavor,
and without the carbs/starch that many people these days are dedicated to letting go of?


This is one of our favorite dishes at the @gardenofeden. We feed a lot of people with a vast array of different priorities for their meals, and grain/carb free is a dietary choice of many.

So we enjoy making these fluffy and flavorful waffles, especially as a keto-style option as a foundation for the ever changing variety of toppings.


We make the base of these waffles simply with beaten eggs and grated cheese! That's it!

Then, in this particular version of waffle, we added some leftover cold mushroom, zucchini, onion, garlic and pepper saute to the mix, as well as some fresh garden chives and lemon balm.


We poured the mix into the waffle maker until it reached a rich caramel brown color, with a crispy crusty outside, yet with a fluffy texture on the inside.


For the toppings we always use whatever we have on hand, so every time we serve these waffles, the flavor combinations in the meal are always an exciting surprise.


This day we served sour cream with garden chives,
homemade carrot and cauliflower kimchi,
homemade spicy salsa,
vinegar refrigerator pickled veggies,
slices of dill pickles,
rounds of red bell pepper,
fresh raw red onion,
garlic/herbed tomatoes,
grated sharp cheddar cheese,
crispy lettuce and
homemade candied jalapeños and onions.


The sky is truly the limit for the variety of toppings you can choose. We especially love using condiments/sauces/salads that we have made up in advance which already have great depth of flavor, so when piled onto the waffle, you are assured an explosive mouthgasmic bite.


We use our homemade candied jalapeños and onions on this and many other dishes, as it's definitely a sweet, spicy and crunchy favorite.


We like using each quarter of the waffle to pile on different ingredients, so we can indulge in combinations of many different flavors.


We served this meal to our guests who were overjoyed, and our foodie friends were super stoked to see if they were capable of identifying the flavors from each component.


Sauce is of the utmost importance in our cuisine at the @gardenofeden. This particular dressing was a tahini/ginger/turmeric/garlic/spicy pepper concoction, which added just the perfect amount of moisture and rich and creamy flavor to top off the waffles.


I have no doubt you would love these waffles too. They're so easy to make, are surprisingly delicious, and give you the feeling of eating a hearty grainy waffle--without all the carbs!

Shellie aka @everlove

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