I made my first loaf of bread :)

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In an effort to gain independence around what my family & I eat and how we produce it, I recently bought a bread maker and at 6am this morning I threw together the ingredients for the first time so that everyone could enjoy a slice for breakfast.

And I must say I am feeling quite pleased with myself now.

I am the usually the salad & smoothie maker, so generally speaking I don't 'cook' stuff but on this occasion I am willing to give it a try because the kids clearly enjoy eating bread and I would much rather make it each day than buy it.

I added a bunch of seeds in there which really brought the loaf to life!

And the crust was so perfectly crunchy.


The unsung hero of this story can be seen here.


It was actually remarkably easy. Once all the ingredients are in there, the machine does everything for you. Two and a half hours it took to do its thing and it filled the house with that yummy freshly baked bread smell.

Impressed by my first loaf, Sabrina decided to go directly to the Organic Stuff shop and buy a ton of different flours for me to experiment with.


Luna helped out by just being generally cute in her Paddington jacket.


So, that's it really. Just wanted to gloat a little about my beginners luck with the bread maker!

Does anyone happen to know of any decent recipes for alternative/vegan butter?


A bread maker??!!

That's cheating.
We all know you have to grind the flour yourself, by hand.

And then kneed the dough with minimal yeasts and be left to ferment and raise for more than 24 hours.

And then you can say i made bread.


I know it's cheating ;)

But man does it save time! Once I've done it a few times I would say prep time is around 5 mins.

Oh yeah, there's something very satisfying about home made bread. I make a sourdough rye, I have a starter over 100 yrs old.

Wow! I learned about starters for the first time recently because my brother-in-law has an old starter too. The subject was fascinating and his bread was incredibly tasty. Now to get my hands on a vintage starter like yours!

Well, I could send you some I suppose. It will survive 2 weeks in the fridge, so I don't think mailing a small ziplock bag would hurt it. Actually, mailing a dried starter would be the way to go, it's lighter and lasts indefinitely. Btw, you still hodling Nexo?

Firstly, yes I am still hodling Nexo. The $1000 I put in during their ICO has roughly doubled, permitting me a decent sized loan now. Once I am 100% certain the only way up, I will be taking full advantage of this.

Secondly, yes yes yes! I would be eternally grateful if you would send me some dried starter and hope you will let me re-pay you in Steem? Unless you want some Nexo?

I will likely need your guidance too, as I don't know what I am doing yet.

Thank you for your amazing offer :)

Sure man, no problem, steem is fine just to cover postage. Seeing as there's no private messaging on here, is there some other place that you have in mind for sharing addresses and such?

Are you on Discord?

No. Telegram would work though.

Excellent. I have telegram. I wonder if you will be able to find me on it though? It is on an old french number, now deactivated. +33 643888645

I will wait for your message...

Made another cracking loaf this morning! Loving it :)

Congrats it looks really amazingly delish - yumyumyum

Thanks! 24h later, we've eaten it all so must have been good ;)

Today I make a bigger one!

I just made my first bread the other week, too! No bread maker though, just popped the little balls in the oven :) Nice work, looks tasty!

Small world! Excellent to hear this.

Part of the reason I bought the machine was because our oven is particularly cheap and won't bake bread. And if I'm going to be honest I thought I would still have to prepare dough by hand, but it turns out the machine does it for us! And it only takes 5 mins to prepare, which seems great to me. Happy to do this every day :)

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Awesome! Thanks :)

I love making bread, although I have never used a machine.

The manual process of kneeding I find very relaxing.

I do tend to experiment a lot with adding different items to the bread mix - some work better than others!

I can imagine how it must be quite relaxing. I've only seen it in films however!

Experimenting certainly seems like the way forward and for now I'm just grateful this little machine saves me so much time.

Worth giving the manual method a try when you have a little time to spare.

Once you get the rhythm going you can drift off to another place of thinking...

The smell of fresh baked bread is probably one of the best smells ever!
Yours looking really good!

You're not wrong there. Love that smell :)

Sounds awesome! I can smell it from here!
I need to disappoint you though, this doesn't count as cooking, it's baking ( short for B(readm)aking )

I have some vague memories of people in my past, having a bread maker, but I don't remember who they where. I guess the advantage of this machine over making it by hand is that it saves you a lot of mess, washing, sticky hands and all.

Well done!

P.S. The next step is to make your own peanut butter, if you aren't doing this already. It's so easy ( peel and grind peanuts, add a little bit of salt and olive oil - or another type of oil - and, if necessary, some honey ). Just don't add too much salt. Peeling the peanuts is like meditation, a practice in patience.

Amazing idea for the peanut butter! Funnily enough I just finished a jar of the stuff yesterday and quickly recycled its lid into my current wall gardening system. I never considered making it myself but now I'm gonna give it a try for sure. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Baking over cooking works perfect for me. I actually kinda pride myself on being the guy who doesn't cook as there is much confusion in the world over what nutritious food is.

Amazing idea for the peanut butter!

I have to admit that it's so much work / time consuming that it's hardly worth it but at least you know the ingredients that are used and it saves in plastic / glass.

Cool that you recycled a pb lid into your wall gardening system. I saw the pictures of the system. It looks pretty awesome.

P.S. Keep priding yourself over stuff, unless it feels to much like an Ego trip, haha ( talking about the Ego, make sure not to miss my veloci raptor post that I shared yesterday. I link to an awesome podcast )

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Thanks very much!

There's nothing better than a homemade bread with seeds.

Congrats on making your first one! :)

It is just soooooo good hey! I want to make another one this morning (have made 2 already) but Sabrina tells me she wants to give it a try this time. Next time it will be the kids making it ;)