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Hello everyone 🙋 today im gonna share to you my food photography this afternoon. Me and my boyfriend our talent is to eat any good restaurants here in cagayan de oro and one of the best restaurant here is TGIF or THANKS GOD ITS FRIDAY. Thier food here is always great and also a great service !

My boyfriends order is pork adobo with fries. Its really fulfilling how good it is in picture is also good when you eat it.
And my order is chicken fingers with fries thinking to have light one but there serving is really big! A very good portion 😊 yumy !
Here our picture with my boyfriend .

Spending more time on steemit than facebook! 🙋❤

TRULY YOURS, @minerva23


Exactly subrang sarap kaya ang birap mag diet haha

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From where are you in phils?

Were from cagayan de oro ! 👍😊

Yaayyyy....happy tummy again!!

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