Banana Ooh Na Na

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This photo was taken in our house. I took the chance of photographing this because it is rare that my parents buy different kinds of bananas. If you can notice in the picture, there are actually 5 kinds of Bananas or "Saging", in our term, displayed together with a "Bagoong", a Filipino Condiment which is made of fermented fish, anchovies in this case, with salt and mixed with lime, vinegar, chili, etc. when served.

There are two round fruit baskets. From left, we call the bright yellow banana as "Latundan". The tiny green ones beside on the upper corner are the "Saba", the dwarf version, and the three giants below are the boiled larger version of "Saba" banana. The Saba bananas are the type which goes perfectly with the "Bagoong".
On the next basket, the "Tinumbaga" or Morado, the one in red color, is the type which I consider the sweetest next to Latundan. Lastly, the darker yellow is the "Lakatan". I was told that each kind are good remedies for specific diseases.

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