Our Mother of Perpetual Help Fiesta Feast

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This photo was taken at the house of our Relatives in the next barrio. Here in Cebu, Philippines, most of the people are of the Roman Catholic in religion and we believe in Saints and the Holy Family (Jesus, Mary, Joseph) as examples of the good followers of God. We even pray to ask for their help in accordance of their patronage (for example, we pray for St. Anthony for the retrieval of lost things for he is the Patron Saint for lost things) or miraculous appearances (Like Mama Mary, who appeared in different locations and named differently for each appearance) or even just for simple deliverance of our messages to God by them. Every year, there are specific dates and specific places (Barrio, Town or City) for the Celebration of their Feast days and we call the 9-day preparation masses prior to the feast day as Novena Masses. There will be a procession
and a food gathering after the last Novena Mass. It was until last year, I think, that the religious order said that the feast dates should be adjusted just near to the real day in a way that the 9th Novena mass should fall in Saturday so that the next day will be a regular Sunday.

So on June 30, Saturday, my family were invited to a barrio fiesta, in honor of the Mother of Perpetual Help, by our relatives. The banquet was not so "bongga" but the eat-all-you-can-themed feasts of many families in the barrio, including this family, were enough to feed at least 30-50 people! In exchange of gratitude, the invited people will return the invitation during their barrio fiesta, too, depending if they will be having feasts. This is one of the reasons why it's more fun here in the Philippines.
On the past years, we ate in 3 houses of 3 different family relatives but this year only 2.

This picture was the one I took at the 1st house we went. As I've said in my 2nd Blog Link here, the lechon is mostly present in all celebrations in the Philippines. My plate consisted of Lechon Baboy, Rice, Pancit, Caldereta (Goat meat Stew), Ginamay (Sauté-Styled Boiled Stew), Sweet n' Sour Chicken and a bit of Dinuguan (Pork Blood Stew. It's edibly yummy compared to the name.) hidden below the other dishes.

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