Rischart Fraunhoferstraße: A complicated name for a simple and cute bakery

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Yes, that's the name of the place: Rischart Fraunhoferstraße. Can you even say it out loud? I know I can't.

Perfect Little Bakery

I've been here by chance, I was walking around looking for a snack... and this bakery grabbed my eye, even if its name can scare away the devil itself.

The clerk was attencious and smiley, while I took my time and picked an apple pie to eat.

The bakery is located right across a tram station, so you can enjoy the locals minding their own affairs - as you comfortably eat and drink.

While I was choosing what to eat, a few locals entered and asked for a few pies to wrap up and go. This is usually a good sign, so I took their unsaid advice and went for a delicious apple pie.

The ambient is cool and relaxed and there are hundreds of choices to eat. It's a bit overwhelming, really. So many choices, such a little stomach. 😂

If you're in the neighbourhood, give it a try.

CameraXiaomi Redmi 3
LocationMunich - Germany

This is my entry for the #foodphotography category in the photography contest by @juliank

@trincowski signing out.


.....I, too, love such cafes ))
Very appetizing look all these desserts and buns...

Me too. Thanks for commenting. Here's a special vote for being the first human to comment. 😋

I was standing hungry in front of the food counter today, too.
So many delicious things... But stomach I have one. Although it is large.

Eheh. But I'm no longer a kid. I used to be able to eat it all and never got fat. Now, I eat a little more than usual and I immediately get fat.

Then I need to starve for a month to get back to normal.

Similar story.
I am now 115 kg.
I was a student at about 80 kg with a growth of 1.83 m

The body no longer learns so easily the amount of food that we eat. And the habit remained. And the brain is asking for calories.

Naww... algun dia ire a saborear un rico pastel de manzana y un rico cafe! ✴

Gracias por comentar! 😉

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