Old video from the 1995 European Footbag Championships

in #footbag2 years ago

95 screen shot 3.JPG

Just came across an old video that a friend from Denmark shared with me from the 1995 European Footbag Championships. It's been years since I've seen this and it was a kick, literally, to see it again!

The '95 championships were organized by myself and Torben Wigger in a small Danish town called Haslev. Stephanie (@geke) and I were just there in August of last year when we visited Denmark because my brother and mother currently live in that very town! What are the odds?

Freestyle footbag back in the day was different than it is today, and this video really shows how the sport has evolved. Fun times!


Thanks for reading!
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There's some bad ass kickers there

Thanks buddy. We should play a round soon!

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