Game: Uefa Champions League

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Do you like football? Do you think your knowledge of the sport is good enough to know the results of the matches?
Maybe you should to participate in this prediction game while support each other on steemit.

To Play is easy!
For the 2 coming matches of UCL you must write the one that you think will be the result of the match. You can post it at least 5 minutes before the game start, and you should do it in this way:
Team A 1
Team B 3
You must write your predictions in 2 different posts (one per each game), this is to make easier the votes.
When game is finished all participants must to upvote those posts who matched the winner (or tie if happens) ....Just winner or tie...

If the prediction even match the result, congratulations, besides the vote you will be rewarded with comments on your post and everybody must do it.

Are you in??

I think Liverpool will have a victory the night of tuesday and Klop is ready to show why had loose just 1 game of last 25 at home. Italians get good results when face Liverpool but won't take revenge of 1984 final. Dzeko score easy against The Reds but he has never defeated them.

Madrid and Bayern, two teams with similar records (except for titles), and the most common fixture on european football.
Madrid has dominated the last couple of years and is also looking for the victory #150. Bayern will try to avoid been eliminated by spanish once more; Ronaldo and Madrid have scored in every UCL match this season and Madrid has failed to find net in just 1 of the last 21, but Bayern has conceded just 12 in the same amount of games and haven't conceded goals in 12 of those matches; Bayern has an extraordinary record of 67 goals scored at home in 21 games and although Madrid have lost just 1 of 16 away they have kept clean their sheets in just 4 of 24 games.

Let the game begin !!


The only one player on this game but at least i got right with winner

Bayern M. 3
Real Madrid 1

This team needs Neuer.
...and something else

Me! The only player
I was sure about Liverpool's victory. Surprise on the final score but definitely they got it.
Salah, Firmino.......we'll see them in the World Cup
....Mané? put yours eyes on him guys.

Let's go see what happen tomorrow on the other semi-final

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