Gamecocks Upset Bulldogs (4 Best Players on Field were Gamecocks)

in #football2 years ago

Gamecocks dominate offensive and defensive line. The four best players on the field today were all Gamecocks.
Gamecock: RB Dowdle, LB Brunson, CB Israel, DL Kinlaw.

Third string quarterback who is as good of an athlete as any quarterback in the country was playing with a partial hamstring injury. If either current starter or third string qb was fully healthy the whole game then Gamecocks may not of needed Overtime to win. Today, Gamecocks looked like the better team but there was always a feeling that UGA would pull the game out. They did not show National Championship grit today. However, if they run the table they still have a chance to be the SEC and National Champion.


Commentator was excellent. CB's were playing man on man most plays and UGA wouldn't go after them. I guess the reason relates to the 3 interceptions Fromm had.