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With the playoffs around the corner we already know most of the teams who will be trying to get to the superbowl. Just two teams one from the national conference and one from the American conference. Who will be?

On the American conference we got the New England Patriots the 2016-2017 Super Bowl Champions with the home field advantage and not playing until the divisional game. On the other side we got the Pittsburgh Steelers who haven't been in a Super Bowl since 2011 when they lost against the Green bay Packers, the Steelers also clinched the home field advantage and not playing until the divisional Game. These two teams will find out vs who they will be playing on the Wildcard game.
For the wild card game the team Jacksonville Jaguars are clinched to play in the wildcard game last time they were on the playoffs it was on 2007 and they have never play a superbowl. The jaguars will play against the Tennesse Titans with a record of 8-7 this season but the Los Angeles Chargers with a record of 8-7 and the Buffalo Bills with a 8-7 too are still in the hunt for that wild card game. On the other side the Kansas City Chiefs has their spots to play the wild card game they played the first SuperBowl ever against the Green Bay Packers and last super bowl appearance was in 1970 where they won against the Vikings with a score of 23-7. They will be playing against the Baltimore Ravens with a record of 9-6 this season if nothing changes.

On the national conference we got the Philadelphia Eagles as the first team clinched with the home field advantage and not playing until the divisional game. The eagles have been in the Super Bowl two times the first one on 1981 and they lost against the Oakland Raiders, the other game was on 2005 against the New England Patriots, the eagles have never won a superbowl. The other clinched team for the bye week and for the field advantage are the Minnesota Vikings they will play the divisional game as locals on the U.S Bank Stadium the host of the Super Bowl. They have lost all of their four Super Bowl appearance and last time they played a Super Bowl it was on 1977.
For the Wild Card games we have the Los Angeles Rams with a record of 11-4 and if everything continue like this they'll be playing against the Atlanta Falcons with a 9-6 record. But the Seattle Seahawks are still on the hunt for that Wild card game. on the Other side we got the New Orleans Saints with a record of 11-4 who will be playing against the Carolina Panthers with a record of 11-4.

The season it's not over yet and the teams are ready to fight and we're ready to see who this year Super Bowl Champion will be.Playoffs-Baby.jpg