Football Weekend Gameweek3

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It's been an incredible start to the English premier league and I would be dropping my fantasy premier league team for Game week 3 below. Lukaku is currently on a good form, with Sanchez and Koscielny back from injury and suspension respectively.


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Arsenal had a disgraceful game but Liverpool played well and deserved the victory. Man Utd, Chelsea and Man City had a good weekend but the same can't be said about Tottenham Hotspur however their result and performance was better than that of their main rival Arsenal.
Hopefully Gameweek 4 would be more interesting especially when it is coming after the international break and the close of the transfer window.

The game just began. Let's see how things play out.

The game just began. Let's see how things play out.

Can't wait

Lukaku has been an excellent player. Hope he sustains that.

I hope so as well.

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Nice line-up! Is Sanchez available for selection now? Last I checked he wasn't.

He should be available, he's no longer injured except transfer issues doesn't make him play