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Hello !!

No it's time for the 2nd round of our fresh new game : Play 4 Fun !!

The 1st one is still running, do not hesitate to go to have a check and try to figure it out :-).
here : ->

For the new enigma we are looking for :

  • an international french player
  • I never won anything with my country, but it was closed one time
  • I played for teams such as Marseille, Bordeaux, Lyon or even Bastia
  • I also played alongside Steven Gerrard or Mehmet Scholl.
  • I ve won a national league 2 times
  • and my carreer ends in the same club Michel Platini started.

who am I ?

Please give your answer in the comment (upvote and resteem if you want to make this game trendy and allow me to offer prizes in a close future)


This time you get it !! congrats mate !!

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