The Rise of HIK - The First Season - A Football Manager 2020 blog

As Football Manager is a extremely popular game played worldwide, I would like to introduce everyone who come to this post to understand what Hive actually is, as you could come to this post by a google search. Hive is a decentralized community. It's works kind of like reddit, but in here you get paid in Hive, which you can later trade to US Dollars, which you can later trade for toilet paper. But..Back to Football Manager.

WARNING!: Football Manager is extremely addictive and could ruin your life, but as Covid-19 has sent most of the world in quarentine, you might aswell ruin your life yourself, before Covid-19 does it any worse for you.

Introduction to the club and the first season

I started playing with HIK. HIK is a danish club called Hellerup Idræts Klub in Denmark, which is located in a rich part of Copenhagen, where I also work as a coach. Therefore it was very fun for me to start with them, as I know some of the players personally, and the staff aswell.

As the club has no transfer budget, and a very small budget for salaries, it was impossible to buy players, so I got most of my players on free transfer and on loan. Here's an overview of the transfers I did in the very first season:

Transfer 19-20.png

I spent 2,4k danish crowns on transfers, which is nowhere near the amount of Hive I will earn on this post. I got several youth players from F.C. København including Simon Rossil (GK) and Jacob Haahr (CD). Jacob Haahr was a scoop. Only 17 years old back then, and immediately became my best players, which says more about the rest of my squad that a 17 years old boy is my best player. I also loaned Andreas Bruus (Right Wing) from Brødnby I.F, and Martin Frese (Left Wing) who also turned out to be great players for the season. I my squad I from the beginning had a striker named Felfel, who was earning enough money to ruin my economy, so I HAD to get promoted in the first season to keep up with his greed. I was thinking about selling him, but he was simply to good to sell. Let's move on, and see how the first season evolved.

Standing 19-20 indl.png

The First Season

The second division in Denmark is split into two parts. The preliminary group stage, and the promotion stage. Before starting with HIK I knew F.C Helsingør would be the team to beat. They are basically like Manchester City in the Premier League. Tons of money, and a lot of great players. The preliminary group stage went by and I was placed second which secured me a place in the promotion stage, only trailing by one point. I knew the team had to perform to their best to get promoted, and they did. Take a look at the last matches in the promotion stage. The green color in the circle means I won the game. 8 wins in 11 matches, and only one defeat.

Standing 19-20 Oprykning.png

In the end, late at night a week ago I got promoted. I might have woken up my roomies as a promotion is most of time followed by a sound of relief and happiness. If you can't succeed in real life, you can always succeed in Football Manager

Kampe i 19-20 oprykning.png

We got any Football Manager gamers on Steemit?

If we do, please let me know. Would be funny to start a community!

Next post?

Either you can decide or I'll just decide. You can decide from The Tactics I used during the season or a recap of the second season in the 1st division.