They look pretty but I'm not sure they are red currants, although they do look like them, on the other hand what do I know? I do love them as my mother grew both red, black and white currants and used to make the most delectable pies with them.

Looking at the images as mentioned by @johnnyray's wife, I'd agree. This looks exactly like the pix.

Now, the question is....Could these be used for delicious jams (with sweeteners, of course)?

If they're edibles, they're certainly worth growing. I'm sure you could find some use for them.

It might be interesting to learn the nutritious/medicinal benefits.


That is a very good question, I will try to find out! It would be a shame if you can eat them and they go to waste. I shall investigate! Thank you :-)

Putting them in a freezer will keep them from ruin until you can finish your research.

Best regards on the results.


@cake-lady-jen Looks electric and yummy! How did they taste?

My wife knows these and she says they are not, but they are pretty but very bitter and known as Russian Kalin or viburnum

Thanks @johnnyray, I had doubted they were but good to know for certain! Best wishes

You are welcome and glad this helps

Looks like the berries from Blue Lagoon

I think it's probably a guelder rose

Excellent post, very well articulated. thank you so much.

thank you for sharing valuable information.

Yes they are redcurrants, They same grows on my backyard :)

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