Should we always use thumbnails ?

in #format4 months ago


When I write a post, I always try to use a thumbnail.

But should we always use a thumbnail in our posts ?

I think we don't have always to do that, but doing that is much better.

There are a lot of reasons to do so :

  • The first is that it give some attention.
  • The second is having a better change to be upvoted.
  • The thirst is being exceptional by having our own style.
  • The fourth is that posts with at least a picture are considered quality posts.

That's why I always prefer to use thumbail and even if I don't have anything to share, at least I write the question in form of a picture and add it with the post.


I'll be honest. I hate using thumbnails. It's just not where I want to spend my energy. I agree that there are many benefits for using them though. sigh such is life.

Of course. It's always up to you tro use them or not.

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