For Sale! Western Digital 120GB SSD Solid State Hard Drive

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Western Digital 120GB SSD

I have a brand new, unused, never opened SSD hard drive for sale.
This time I will only be accepting STEEM or SBD as payment.

I want 25 STEEM for this, or give me an offer?


SATA 6Gb/s

Form Factor

Every WD Green SSD includes a 3-year limited warranty so you can confidently trust WD for all your data needs.
Transfer speeds up to 545MB/s and capacities up to 120GB with models available for most desktop and laptop PCs.

This garage sale post was made possible with the help from @OneBitNews's Garage Sale

Original (4608x3456)

Original (4608x3456)

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I will resteem, might help you ..!!
best-selling sweet ....! :)

Thank you for that!
Take a look at @OneBitNews's Garage Sale, maybe you find something you want or maybe you have something to sell?

wawww. .. This is very interesting!!
Thanks dear @flatman very valuable information, I will try your suggestions!!
While I don't want to sell something, but I am curious to see.

aha, you are a window shopper, that's nice! if you don't have anything for sale, maybe you can find something in the forest you can sell, I know I want to sell some of the branches of my Corkscrew hazel. and I have lots more to sell, more "ForSale" posts are coming

Why do you want to sale it friends?

Im selling this SSD disk because I don't need it, all my computers have harddrives and this one is just laying around not to be used.

Oh ok. Good decision.

I am looking for an external hard drive that hooks up to usb port,does this one do that? Thank's and i hope you find a buyer!

This is a internal hard drive meant to make computers faster, you can use it as a external hard drive if you have a SATA to USB adapter like this one
there is another guy at @OneBitNews's Garage sale that is selling an external harddrive