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Acta is

Acta is the act of taking action.

That is what is happening with this account.

We are taking action to grow a fund that will enable the reduction of living costs for populations across the world. Yes, it will be a slow beginning but with time and compounded growth it can be done.

The beginning is the hardest as only a penny growth rate at this level, It can grow with time to become 10c and then 1 dollar, after that 10 dollar a day. Maybe even one day 100 dollar a day or more so we can begin the bigger side of the project.

Reducing the costs of living for populations. This will happen through investment from funding generated through posts ans rewards.


You know I am onboard with this

welcome aboard

thank you

Your Welcome.

great to have you around

the 3 musketeers lol

thank you

Count me in.
Love the idea

lol welcome aboard too


counted in


Great post.

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