Making progress.

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progress made

Made it up to the 20 Steem mark. should be hitting that 25 soon.

Finding something relevant to post is the hardest part, Just repeating the same thing with a different number doesn't feel so right. But we got to 20 SP now so we are on our way. Well 1% of 2000 SP. As it grows it should begin to grow a bit quicker.

Hate making predictions, Can't tell whats around the corner. right now though it looks like it might take about 2 and a half years plus a little bit to reach the 2.000 mark. Thats no reason not to keep going though. Every penny in is a penny less needed. Also it's a penny stronger voting.

10 rungs on a ladder, we reached the first rung on the way to the top to reach 200 SP. I am also playing the drugwars game to try gain a bit more growth. The growth from there is even smaller than the growth here though. But again it all adds up.


Its something. have to start somewhere

not that bad a start. its only just beginning.

2000 should be thinking 2,000,000 maybe

Ha I am, but 20 of 2,000,000 looks like it would never get reached, can imagine 200 much easier.

yea I can see that point. 10% of 200 1 of 2000 only 0.0001 of 2,000,000

yup that's it basically. having to do that 10,000 time juts to reach 1% seems like a nightmare

I hear ye good luck