Slow going

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Still here.

Still here and still growing.

Up to 17 Steem now powered up. Not growing as quick as would like but still growing. Something is better than nothing. Lets see if we can get it up to the 25 Steem. powered up steem that is.

Need to set some achievable goal, something to aim for, not too big that it would take years to reach. Something physical too would offer an advantage. Right now though goals are set to reaching levels of Steem powered up.

The 200 plus delegation we have is helping a bit, that is providing most of the growth we see. currently we have about 8% of the total stake we hold for voting. Reaching the 25 Steem will put us over 10%. Maybe reaching and matching the delegated SP would be a decent goal to have.


Slow but getting somewhere. maybe

Slowly but surely we gonna make this happen

Well just keep at it.

Will do, a penny saved it a penny earned.

I'll be watching you save those pennies

I'll be watching for you watching

this could keep going in circles.

One day at a time they say.

Thats all we can do.

No auto vote is a hassle, I tend to forget I have a steem account... or hive. Comes in waves though so waiting for the one that makes me focus a bit more on these things lol. Till then cocktails.

You can set up auto vote.

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