Pretty Little Liars: The Curious Case of Art Plagiarist Ceren Nallıca- @artizm

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In the last report one of the most aggravated cases of art plagiarism was exposed in which user @artizm attempted to take credit for the composition, style and abstraction of another artist, without crediting such artist of course, or even mentioning it was a study.

In her replies to the comment left on her post and to the report itself she came forward with the already ridiculous to begin with excuse that, she had mentioned in her previous painting post that she was gonna do a study on this artist.

It is very common for this type of scammers to attempt to cover one lie with another. So today, we are gonna debunk even that ridiculous excuse, and show you, irrefutably, what a lying piece of shit this user is.

Here is the comment issued by the user on Monday May 3th 02:15 GMT+0

Here is the comment issued by the user on Monday May 3th 02:15 GMT+0

Here is the revision history of the previous art post, where you can see that the part about the study was edited:

Here you can see that the edited part was added in block 43065707
screenshotscribe.hivekings.com2020.05.0318_53_23 1.png

And here you can see that block 43065707 was produced at May 3rd 01:37 UTC (GMT+0)

So in other words, the post in question was posted in April 30th at 22:04 GMT+0 and the statement that says she was gonna do a study is added at May 3rd 01:37 UTC (GMT+0)
2 days later, 40 minutes before the comments are posted.

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