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RE: Jaguar.Force: History of a FRAUD!

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Hello. You're talking to an user who has more than 20,000 SP Powered Up, between his account and the accounts of his 2 projects and being here for 3 years.
How about don't tell him what he's supposed to do moreover when you have only 5,000 SP and he's not bidvoting often, just in some cases where he wants some promotion for some concrete article.


Yeah after I submitted I checked that. Thought I deleted. Oh well.

But yes, that brought me to you and was curious about the claim of 1500% ROI which I'm all frankness is a bit extraordinary.

How exactly is such a fantastic ROI provided? Guess you got an opportunity for a plug.

If you, @talentclub, are a responsible curator then delegating is a good thing. We need more positive curation that brings talent and thus value here.

Anyways, really interested in that ROI proposition. Would you point me to a link that lays it out?

Hi there again.
The things it's easy.
If you delegate to us an amount between 1 SP and 5,000 SP we assure you a 1500% daily ROI with an upvote from our account.
Example: If you delegate us 400SP, and 400SP actually gives to yourself in your account 0.01$, we assure you a 0.15$.
If you're interested just go through our Discord.

Have you ever wonder that maybe it's you who don't even know what it means?
We're actually multiplying per 15 the amount that quantity of SP gives, so that's a a 1500%.
A pity you are not able or don't want to see it: you will earn more being member in clubs such as mine.

I don’t need to wonder.

Someone that doesn’t know what 1500% return on 400SP is clearly shouldn’t be retorting back at me.

You can’t even tell difference between a 15x vote and actual return.

Let Bitconnect be a refresher course for you: they offered daily 1% return.

Man, If you had read you will see that we said a daily return or a daily ROI.
We're capable of return daily, a 1500% ROI for an amount of SP "x".
Don't try to be a smartass: everything is invented and actually people already is taking advantage of you that, besides of speaking like if you know what you're saying, are offering a 1500% return since 1 year and a half ago.
I would explain it to you in a special Math class for dummies, but I don't have time actually.

Please. Let me know in which special world that 0.15 a day for 365 days will give a 400SP person 1500% return.

Maybe if Steem crashed into the ground, you could argue the person got 1500% off of 400 Steem.

Your entire premise is based on manipulating numbers to make the returns seem big.

I don’t need to be a smart ass. I know misinformation when I see them.

Ok, you gonna make me give it to you the special class.
It's not about they gave us 400 STEEM it's about Steem Power.
Let's see if you understand that:
-They delegate us 400 SP.
-We daily upvote them with 6000 SP (that's x15).
-They go from earning 0.01$ daily to earn 0.15$ daily.
-Since we offer that daily we can say that monthly and annually it's the same for the supposed 400 SP amount:
-Monthly - they would have earnt 0.30$ but we give them 4.50$.
-Annually - they would have earnt 3.65$ but we give them 54.75$.

A perfect 1500% ROI, my man.
I hope you finally understand that we're not misleading anything. On the contrary, we are actually giving more than a 1500% ROI to some members.

For being more clear, when you multiply x1 the benefits in percentage is represented as 100% return.
X5 - 500% return

And that is. You don't need to multiply per 1500 because 1500% is a representation of x15 in return.

1% ROI it's about x 0.01