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RE: Jaguar.Force: History of a FRAUD!

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Man, If you had read you will see that we said a daily return or a daily ROI.
We're capable of return daily, a 1500% ROI for an amount of SP "x".
Don't try to be a smartass: everything is invented and actually people already is taking advantage of you that, besides of speaking like if you know what you're saying, are offering a 1500% return since 1 year and a half ago.
I would explain it to you in a special Math class for dummies, but I don't have time actually.


Please. Let me know in which special world that 0.15 a day for 365 days will give a 400SP person 1500% return.

Maybe if Steem crashed into the ground, you could argue the person got 1500% off of 400 Steem.

Your entire premise is based on manipulating numbers to make the returns seem big.

I don’t need to be a smart ass. I know misinformation when I see them.

Ok, you gonna make me give it to you the special class.
It's not about they gave us 400 STEEM it's about Steem Power.
Let's see if you understand that:
-They delegate us 400 SP.
-We daily upvote them with 6000 SP (that's x15).
-They go from earning 0.01$ daily to earn 0.15$ daily.
-Since we offer that daily we can say that monthly and annually it's the same for the supposed 400 SP amount:
-Monthly - they would have earnt 0.30$ but we give them 4.50$.
-Annually - they would have earnt 3.65$ but we give them 54.75$.

A perfect 1500% ROI, my man.
I hope you finally understand that we're not misleading anything. On the contrary, we are actually giving more than a 1500% ROI to some members.

For being more clear, when you multiply x1 the benefits in percentage is represented as 100% return.
X5 - 500% return

And that is. You don't need to multiply per 1500 because 1500% is a representation of x15 in return.

1% ROI it's about x 0.01


If they self vote 10x a day they would earn $0.10 a day plus their own curation.

You voting them takes a curator’s cut.

Hint: daily ROI = compounding. Bet Bitconnect taught you nothing why 1% daily is unsustainable.

Don’t use words you don’t understand. Stick to your mother tongue.

You 15x’d their income (even that’s not true, more like 50% more if you give curation back) Not their return. The return is compared against the 400 Steem.

That way you say they would spend 20% VP in 10 votes, thing we save them. Moreover, 10 times upvoting yourself doesn't give you 0.01$ since as far you spend VP the reward lowers and finally goes to 0 soon (in the case of 400SP).
Ok, so ROI means the Return Of Investment and one of its formula is Return(Net)/Investment x 100. That way our ROI would be 84%= 54,35$/64$ (400 STEEM) × 100. Not bad either.
Ok so you have the reason about the ROI.
Well, we just wanted to mean 1500% return but that was before the HF21/22, true, because now curator keep more than 50% and the rewards are lower.
Anyways I'm sure we're actually giving a 750% return or 40% ROI to some of our members wich thing is still not bad, don't you think?
Thanks anyways for clearing the misunderstanding.
I owe you an apology.

No problem.

I apologise for being crass, but the wording would have thrown many people off.

At best, people would think you don’t know what you are on about. At worst, outsiders will think you are scammers.

Take care.

I will publish a communicate talking about our misunderstanding with ROI and return and going to change it righ now in the profile text.
Thanks again.

now it says 600% net ?, more bullshit