So 0.15 Steem transfered to you ;-)

Thanks for participating...

If you want more free Steem just check out the further task in this post like commenting and subsribing to my youtube channel or sharing my youtube channel on one of your socialmedie accounts ;-)


Well, my YT channel has only 5 videos or so, so its not worth mentioning.
And I dont have any accounts on twitbook or similar, never had, never will.

okay - still you can leave your youtube name here and check out some of my vids if you find time and nerves to do so :-)

Never were on FB either, just now for promoting my music and music of my fellow musicians I represent by OTP Artist Network

Its Pete Beatminister - but its only some old music pieces I made years ago.

lot of music I promote was recorded nearly 20 years ago - sometimes it is like with good wine ;-) it needs some time...