Congratulations @DjMalith +5 SBD Giveaway!!

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Congratulations @djmalith !! +5 SBD

686.05 Sri Lanka Rupees!!

these images are not legal tender, they merely represent the current exchange rate of 5 SBD to LKR.

I will send 5 SBD

to one random HUMAN account that

  1. UpVotes this 100% and
  2. ReSteems to their followers!!

(I am trying to leverage the $3000 in SteemPower that is being delegated to me for the next 2 weeks, so play along!)

(Bots not included, in the comments say Upvoted and Resteemed! )

I will use SteemWinner to randomly choose a winner!!

Our first winner is @a-alice ! You won +2 SBD

Our second winner is @kp138 ! You won +10 SBD

Our third winner is @sirpaul ! You won + 3 SBD!

Our fourth winner is @jaynene ! You won +5 SBD

I suggest you convert it into Steem using your wallet,
and then Power Up STEEM into STEEM POWER!!

Please upvote the rest of my active (past 7 days) posts as well. Much appreciated !!

One 1 winner per post.

👍 TesT @ckrause74 @phusionphil @cconn @rawbeing @zoltrix @amadais @hilarski, @michael14876, @rulesforrebels, @theguruasia, @budz82, @a-alice @myego13 @shawnfishbit, @maya7, @storcogato, @yenipaola, @rek5767, @kp138, @alot-of-lore, @nazarwills, @deshwal @cub1, @cmp2020, @remlaps1, @dinsha, @myego13, @lisa.palmer, @yenipaola, @prakashghai, @geneeverett, @a-alice, @aspects, @investmenthunt, @itzunknown, @namct, @free999enigma @shawnfishbit, @dontstopmenow, @elliotjgardner, @maya7, @elias-jaxon, @darxide403, @theguruasia, @storcogato, @yenipaola, @prakashghai, @qme988, @aspects, @kp138, @alot-of-lore, @nazarwills, @fernando76, @budz82, @deshwal, @cerberinc, @free999enigma @anu, @midnas-howler, darkflame, @misstysea, @rndness222, @spaghetti, @oneshot, @sethlinson, @allyouneedtoknow, @jrai, @jmehta, @adanjr, @djmalith, @swapthehacker, @dlanyer, @cryptotraderbiz, @zhia, @dianclasher @spiz0r, @hilarski, @marrada, @cassidyandfranks, @binkley, @mooncryption, @beyondthecrypto, @neiraurdaneta, @spectralkh, @sirpaul, @anilazad, @qye, @kadysheven, @mhangami, @zhia, @rumollah @anu, @midnas-howler, @cub1, darkflame, @hilarski, @cmp2020, @remlaps1, @missiontothemoon, @bearbear613, @havok777, @cassidyandfranks, @spaghetti, @dinsha, @myego13, @allyouneedtoknow, @sethlinson, @lisa.palmer, @jmehta, @yenipaola, @knowledge-seeker, @me-do, @prakashghai, @geneeverett, @a-alice, @djmalith, @xdark23, @aspects, @felixme, @go4it, @investmenthunt, @holdilocks, @kaz2305, @charlesarthuriii, @alot-of-lore, @itzunknown, @cryptotraderbiz, @lig007, @namct, @free999enigma
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I love giving away Steem!

Help me give away even more!

Win 1 SBD, 1 SBD,3 SBD 4 SBD, 5 SBD or 5 SBD by Upvoting 100% !! Compare SBD:BTC

Resteem this to help create DSC tokens.


I dont rested, to keep my page clean. But great idea! Upvoted!

I hope that I am not too late.
But if I am, hope I can get an upvote and a resteem for my post

Keep playing! There are lots of these contests on my page.

I am starting a charity organization.
Pls check that post. We will want you to be part of it

Now I am interested in your post since the last time.. Just upvoted, resteemed and follow you now..

resteemed and upvoted

I'm playing the game.. 🙌👍
Upvoted and resteemed... 💪

Congratulations @djmalith !! +5 SBD

686.05 Sri Lanka Rupees!!

these images are not legal tender, they merely represent the current exchange rate of 5 SBD to LKR.

5 SBD Received... Thank you so much @darkflame... You are Great.. 👑👍☺

I hope it helps! Use it as STEEM POWER to earn more rewards here on Steemit. You will have more STEEM POWER than me one day! And then you can share with friends in your country.
Tell me what can you buy with 5SBD ? What is 100 Rupees worth

Another upvote and resteem. Not sure if it increases my chances, but why not?

Thanks again for the opportunity @darkflame.

upvoted, resteemed and follow you now

@darkflame - Sire, I wish to be a winner of this round. Thank you.


Upvoted and resteem it. Thanks.

Resteemed and upvoted, leggo !

Upvoted and resteemed

100% upvoted and resteemed thanks for your idea.

Good luck with your growing sp! Let's find out who is the lucky guy this time ;) Upvoted and Resteemed

Re$teemed, upvoted & following!

I guess i am late (:-


I like this game! It's great!

A good game. You are helping others! 😲

Upvoted and Resteemed!

I hope to be the winner😁😁

Upvoted and resteemed. Thanks

Upvoted + Resteemed :DDD

upvoted and re-steem as well. cheers, i am from Sri Lanka too

Upvote and resteem

So sad..guess i am too late (:-

Great thing 😊 Upvoted and Resteemed
Have a great day