A cup of Mojito summer slow time

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Colorful afternoon tea drinks


The car element of English afternoon tea


A delicious dessert fragrant with herbs

The dancing sunshine lingers like the eyes of a girl, and the slightly hot summer wind dances like the body and posture of a girl. In this season full of vitality like a girl, how can one hold one's heart yearning for sunshine, blue sea and blue sky? Choose a quiet afternoon, go to the secret garden, let the languid sunshine embrace you, taste leisurely afternoon tea or have a cup of web celebrity Mojito, quietly enjoy the slow time.


The fragrance of flowers and plants blends well with the beauty of all kinds

Calvin Sim, a Pastry chef from Malaysia, has been living in Guangzhou for some time. He has been greatly inspired by the flowers here. He tries to blend different flavors of flowers and fragrances into various flavors, and he is more than happy. So he brought these delicious and beautiful desserts to the Pearl Lounge of the Ritz-Carlton Guangzhou, which he manages.


Osmanthus oolong snow pear cup with distinct layers, it is a selection of sweet and juicy snow pear boiled, and then made into soft and smooth jelly with osmanthus. One piece of Oolong tea gel spreads out layer upon layer, glittering and translucent, with fresh taste and faint fragrance. The rose litchi mousse of rose litchi cake is wrapped in the light cake outer layer, which contains the fruit filling made by raspberries. The color is delicate and charming, and the taste is mellow and soft. The sweet and sour raspberries and litchi bring the fragrance of roses to the tip of the tongue. The freshness of the orange in the blood orange bergamot is complemented by a sunny lime yellow, while the hazelnut crunch hidden in the tart is an unexpected surprise, as if singing a wonderfully playful hymn to summer. Passion fruit and grass France, passionate and rich passion fruit meet gentle and quiet vanilla, craftsmanship of the combination of the traditional French pastry become exquisite and lovely, graceful interweaving makes people relaxed and happy. Home baked scone with deep ruby red pomegranate jam, happiness spread gently between lips and teeth.


The savory bits are also full of surprises. The tomato mozzarella tart is made in the same way as a classic Italian starter. Fresh basil, basil, olive oil, Parmesan cheese and pine nuts are smashed and ground into a paste to recreate the green freshness of summer. Sauteed orange-marinated scallops, orange peel, lemon peel, lime peel and fresh scallops are marinated together, and then put into the oven to bake repeatedly. With the fresh lemon slow-cooked jam, the flavor is fresh and tangerine fragrant, just like children's singing and laughing in the seaside garden. Mushroom oil-immersed duck leg finger sandwiches approach is exquisite, tore into extremely thin filaments of oil-immersed duck leg stir-fry with mushroom production into sauce, collocation of the gel is made from selected green tea with mint leaves boiled, daub on the finger to toast, salty sweet happy person, and do not break the sweet tea of light, like a walk on the grass of the first harvest had been reaped, dew, pure and fresh and ooze spleen, and is covered with green eyes.


The languid, laid-back tone is perfect for the snuggly summer. You can't wait for the night, and on a sunny afternoon, you want a Mojito -- it's made for summer. At the martini bar at the China hotel, the recently launched afternoon tea for two has been stocked with web celebrity drink fruit Mojito.


Take a sip. With the refreshing scent of fresh mint and lime, the summer heat is instantly eliminated and the whole body is instantly refreshed, as if the wind blows over the face, ice slides over the tip of the tongue, and the original impetuous heart is instantly soothed. Then comes the sweet trip to the tip of the tongue. Colorful macarons, girlish pink, youthful grass green, let a person's mood bright up. Fragrant and awash pudding cup, will be the most seasonal fruit into the dessert to soft and sweet, soothing the tip of the tongue. Every bite of tiramisu cup, with a romantic bouquet; Green tea cupcakes, milk chocolate cranberry crunchy, are girls' dishes. Sweet melon air - dried ham, smoked salmon tarts give afternoon more energy.


Heavy wheels
The sweet dream of afternoon tea

Eating wheels in your stomach? OH! It's not impossible! The dessert maker makes the mini chocolate mousse into a full and heavy wheel, with the rich chocolate flavor lingering in the mouth. This is the car themed afternoon tea of Congdu International Manor. The pastry chef combines the car design elements to make crisp chocolate, which is decorated with fresh berries, attractive cherries and bright yellow mango. The dessert is decorated with colorful, fresh and eye-pleasing, and creates a sense of layering and refreshment in taste. A dessert, light its color, style then let a person be eager to try, give a person the enjoyment that brings sweet dream and summer ritual feeling.


The companion of dessert is coffee and tea, which can balance the sweetness of dessert. If you don't like sweet food, you can also choose salty products with light taste. In the shade of green trees, you can stay in a quiet corner, so that the pleasure will linger on your tongue for a long time. This English afternoon tea is full of summer affection throughout July.


As American baking master Christina once said, desserts bring happiness and pleasure, and make that little moment in life sweeter. We may have had a lot of afternoon tea with each other, but this Is an English afternoon tea that is chic and elegant enough to be worth committing the afternoon too.