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RE: !!! Free SBD/STEEM - 1st Aniversary - Honolulu's Birthday Party - Free SBD/STEEM !!!

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Thank you very much... Same to you...

0.03 Steem transfered - check out my post maybe the other tasks are also interessting for you...

And let's stay in contact - maybe I need a graphic man soon for some Album covers ;-)


Okay, good to hear that, keep enjoying your day

More so @honolulu, how can i contact you

you on face book ?

for example :

or on my discord server

but best still is just catch me up on steemit - comment of a new post - I check my replies more times a day ;-=)

You also can hit me up on Youtube and even earn some steem for signing up, commenting and sharing some vids - please reread the original Honoloulu's anniversary post again if you want to ;-)

Have subscribed to your channel

And comments

Thanks !

0.6 Steem hit your wallet ;-)

Feel free to comment more of my vids - 0.01 Steem for each comment :-)

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