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RE: !!! Free SBD/STEEM - 1st Aniversary - Honolulu's Birthday Party - Free SBD/STEEM !!!

in #free3 years ago

Thanks for that :-)

Also subbed to your youtube channel...

And you are right - there are somewhat over 60 vids on my channel - but only around 40 in the "uploads-Playlist" because the other one's until now quiet poor sound quality because of changing my DAW and broken boxes and amp I have to remix and remaster them when I find time :-)

so according to my youtube announcements you subscribed to my channel and commented on three vids - so 0.08 Steem hit your wallet...



Lol i commented on all xD

Everybody who resteems this post before payout will receive 0.001 STEEM for every 10 followers he/she/it has

what about that? :)

sorry - do not wanted to cheat... just many replies andtransfers etc i have to do:-)

true i transfer you another 0.03 Steem for resteeming to your 200+ followers and I will check my youtube vids because the announcement system of youtube showed me just 3 comments...

this may take some time but I am correct - if I should forget please feel free to remind me again...

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