Thank you ! Why they flaged you and your giveaway posts?? They hate some people get some help by playing giveaways? I've been flaged 3 times until now. (Excuse me for a bad english)

What is your native tongue ?

aha - seen !

I am also not a native English speaker so I don't estimate your english skills as not too bad...

I guess I get the message ;-)

To your question:

It is like that: Giveaways especially from minnows to minnows is not the real problem. The real problem is, that those are mostly just copy & paste posts, day in day out and that undermines the idea behind Steemit Blockchain usually created for individual and unique creativeness in posts...

If you get flagged best is to talk to the flagger and to reason why he did etc.

Often they remove the flags and give you good hints...

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