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twitter-card.pngSignup and get free #LTC from the world's most advanced cryptocurrency exchange https://coinut.com/referral?r=R4rz1. @coinut_exchange
Important : follow twitter https://twitter.com/coinut_exchange

  1. For each new client, we pay you 0.0015 LTC and your client 0.0015 LTC. We pay you and your client another 0.01 LTC if your client deposits at least 1 LTC/0.01 BTC and trade at least once. Payments are handled manually for now so there could be a few days delay. New clients need to follow Coinut's twitter account . https://twitter.com/coinut_exchange

  2. We’ll also pay you a commission fee of 10% during the first two years of your referrals trading at Coinut on a monthly basis.

  3. You give the users a URL specifically created for you for registration, so that the system will know the user is introduced by you.

  4. Should not communicate misinformation or do anything that hurts the brand.

  5. Duplicated accounts will not be paid.

  6. Directly registered accounts will not be paid.

  7. Abusing this referral program will get your account disabled without any notice.

  8. Using proxies/VPNs may not get you paid. (If phone number verified, this does not apply)

  9. If multiple accounts have the same IP address, only one account may be able to get the sign up bonus.


این با کشورمان مشکل نداره؟

خیر چون ایران رو توی لیستش داره و شماره موبایل ایران رو وریفای میکنه . شما با هر رفرالی که بگیرید بهتون 0.002 لایتکوین میده البته با یک تاخیر نهایتا 4 ساعته و یا کمتر