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I would like to give you the heads up so you can earn some free SBD too. I hope you enjoy this.

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Congratulations for your achievement @jamiesamain ;)

Thanks for your mention, upvoted and resteemed :)

Greetings from
Djangos story @juicypop

Your a top dude please don’t stop what ya doing ;)

You gotta keep it going bro hit the moon man

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Do you like speaking with abbrieviations, like thanks = tnx?

Maybe in a text message or if I am in a rush but not in general.

Why kind of injuries and diseases are you treating in ghana?

What makes you ask? And do you like speaking with abbreviations @banjo

There is at least two people I enjoy talking to, others not so much.

No, darling. I'm a girl in personality and form. I have the body of a female.

I’m lost with this convosation to be honest.

Count to one thousand.

Have you taken your medication today?

King Edward does not take medication. He revels in his fanciness.

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