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RE: !!! Free SBD/STEEM - 1st Aniversary - Honolulu's Birthday Party - Free SBD/STEEM !!!

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Happy birthday.
I read your story you are very lucky to successed in growing your account so fast.
Resteemed and followers up to 2428 steemians


Followed your channel and promote on facebook
My youtube channel トホウインドolivier

Video shared on facebook[0]=68.ARDWjwTT2_omjLbR2u1grPy6oDP6jj5JNnnAorphXhoCJObO8PxJu6MY62VUPKcYC7c4hINZ0Pp0aK7XOr6VOWBCoPfpptA_p_4nmrasjQYFmkKVCK9p5Rt4Ye0PFUrKcAVy0Ow&tn=C-R

Youtube channel subscribed
Commented youtube 15 videos.
Instrumental Reagga music is quite famous on the Island.

Hey brother -

I transfered 0.12 Steem to you:

0.05 for sharing on FB
0.05 for signing up to my channel and 0.02 for two comments...

right now I not see more comments in my ytannouncement but as soon as I see I'll transfer you more...

Reggae is dealing with rightouseness - it is not in our agenda cheating on other people...

Thank you

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Thanks !

Was the right time for me I guess...

So 0.25 Steem transfered to your account ;-)

Feel free to check out the other tasks on my post, too to receive some more Steem :-)